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  • Big Data for Business
    Mastermodule | Part-time | Pro
    Mastermodule Big Data for Business
    Big Data for Business
    Within organizations, the use of data in decision-making is increasingly being applied. This requires the correct data to be managed, stored and processed.
  • Business Economics
    Mastermodule | Part-time
    Business Economics
    Operations Management
    In this module, students will study both micro and macroeconomics. Microeconomics is the study of the choices individuals and businesses make and the influence of governments.
  • Business Innovation
    Mastermodule | Part-time
    Mastermodule Business Innovation
    Business Innovation
    Innovation can be defined as the creation of new value. As such, innovation differs from the creation of ideas or the invention of a new method or technology. Capitalizing on new ideas or an invention falls into the category of innovation, which a priori makes it a business related endeavor.
  • Human Resource Management
    Mastermodule | Part-time
    Human Resource Management
    Human Resource Management
    This module is designed to give current and future leaders knowledge and insights into the theoretical foundations of modern human resource management and aims to improve understanding of human behaviour in organiztions and the ability to lead people toward increased organizational performance.
  • Master Financial Management and Control
    Master | Part-time | Pro
    Master Financial Management and Control, professionals bespreken financiële gegevens
    Master Financial Management and Control
    Looking for a high-quality Financial Management and Control master's programme? Follow the Master of Financial Management and Control at THUAS Pro. Check out the possibilities!
  • Master International Communication Management
    Master | Part-time | Pro
    Master International Comunication Management, multi-etnische medewerkers praten voor de wereldkaart op kantoor
    Master International Communication Management
    Looking for a high-quality International Communication Management master's programme? Follow the Master of International Communication Management at THUAS Pro. Check out the possibilities!
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    Master | Part-time | Pro
    Master of Business Administration, professionals hebben een discussie tijdens de vergadering in de vergaderruimte.
    Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    Looking for a high-quality Business Administration master's programme? Follow the Master of Business Administration programme at THUAS Pro. Check out the possibilities!
  • Mastermodule Marketing Management
    Part-time | Pro
    Mastermodule Marketing Management, twee zakenvrouwen praten, elkaar adviseren
    Mastermodule Marketing Management
    Looking for a high-quality Marketing Management programme? Follow Marketing Management at The Hague Graduate School. Check out the possibilities!
  • Operations Management
    Mastermodule | Part-time
    Mastermodule Operations Management
    Operations Management
    Operations is the heartland of any organization regardless whether products, services or a combination of both are provided.
  • Strategic Management
    Mastermodule | Part-time
    Strategic Management
    Strategic Management
    In this masterclass you will develop practical skills in strategic managerial decision making.