Creating and ensuring equal opportunities for students and professionals. At the Centre of Expertise for Global and Inclusive Learning we research what processes would help to achieve this. We’re also looking into the best ways to actively promote inclusive education and an inclusive society. 

We support each learning individual in their talent development to enable them to become responsible professionals and critical citizens.

We study, work and live in a complex and global society in which not everyone is given the same opportunities. A society that is always changing through for example technological developments, and where many wicked issues are at play, such as climate adaptation, migration and integration. Education has to be responsive yet frequently lags behind. That must change. The Hague University of Applied Sciences functions as an incubator, thinktank and lab where learning and development play a role. Using practice-oriented research, debates, dialogue and out-of-the-box thinking, the Centre of Expertise for Global and Inclusive Learning promotes learning processes and exposes hidden assumptions, attitudes and behaviour.  

The centre strives for sustainable innovation within education and beyond by focusing on topics such as global citizenship, talent development, inclusive education, internationalisation at home and practical wisdom within the professional field. Everything is centred around professional and personal development: to last a lifetime. 


Student voice

How can we strengthen the voice of the student — and consequently the development of the student and the university of applied sciences? This question is central to the Student Voice research for which the Global Citizenship research group has requested a Comenius grant.
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Internationalisation at Home activities in different academic disciplines

This study aims to establish how Internationalisation at Home (IaH) is implemented in different disciplinary categories based on the concept of academic tribes, if certain IaH activities are prioritised over others, and what rationales are applied in the choices of IaH activities in different disciplines.
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PowerHouse gives educationally vulnerable students self-confidence

How can we help long-term students (students exceeding the specified course duration) rediscover their self-esteem? The umpteenth resit of an exam and an ever increasing study backlog have a devastating effect on a student's self-confidence.
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Rosa Groen
7 March 2023

Rosa Groen is strongly committed to sustainability and justice


It is truly unique. The double honour of earning a PhD in the same month as well as being voted the most sustainable…
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Partner Up! wil in een informele samenwerking het onderwijs verbeteren
17 January 2023

Partner Up! aims to improve education through informal collaboration


She is delighted with the new Institutional Plan and how it has come about. She likes that each member of the Executive…
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Hal in de Haagse Hogeschool
17 November 2022

Climate change strains our human rights


In December, THUAS's Faith in Human Rights Festival reflects on human rights. Exactly one year before the global…
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Faith in Human Rights
30 March, 16:00 - 18:00

Awarding Clara Meijer-Wichmann medal

Every year, the Dutch League for Human Rights awards the Clara Meijer-Wichmann medal to a person or group that has made a special contribution to human rights in the Netherlands.
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17 April

Mediation Awareness Week: Develop Your Everyday Mediation Skills

This week of events will offer an opportunity to practice these skills in different contexts, increasing the awareness and practical understanding of mediation.
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 Laurence Guérin

dr. Laurence Guérin

Professor Global Citizenship

Jos Beelen

dr. Jos Beelen

Professor Global Learning

Ellen Sjoer

dr. Ellen Sjoer

Professor Sustainable Talent Development

Chris Detweiler

Chris Destweiler

Professor Philosophy and Professional Practice

Naomi van Stapele

Naomi van Stapele

Professor Inclusive Education

Mendeltje van Keulen

dr. Mendeltje van Keulen

Professor Changing Role of Europe

dr. Barbara Warwas

dr. Barbara Warwas

Professor Multilevel Regulation

Olivier Bello

Olivier Bello

Programme coordinator

Watte Zijlstra

Wâtte Zijlstra

Senior researcher

Jolanda van der Toorn

Jolande van der Toorn

Strategic advisor

Tamara Takacs

dr. Tamara Takács

Strategic advisor

Maaike de Loor

Maaike de Loor

Strategic advisor

Student projects

Student Branch project: Hang in there

The Hang In There Project is an initiative led by the Student Branch of the Lectorate of Inclusive Education to support students in their journey during the first year at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.
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Global Citizenship

Faculty of Health, Nutrition & Sport, Global Citizenship Certificate
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