It’s great news that you’ve decided to sign up for one of our degree programmes this academic year! Now it’s time to do the paperwork to register and enrol with us. This page will tell you how and when to do this.

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Registration dates

Check the full list of Important dates for deadlines based on your nationality, diploma and residence permit. For international students it's very useful to have a look at our leaflet for the admissions steps. If you scroll down on this page, you can also find a registration and enrolment checklist.

As of October                                                                                                                      Study Choice Check: We would like to assist you as best as we can in choosing the right programme. That’s why most programmes offer the chance to get to know them in a personal meeting (face to face or by phone). You can expect an invitation from January onwards – feel free to accept or decline the opportunity for this study choice check.
15 JanuaryAre you applying for the Dutch-taught programme Huidtherapie (Skin Therapy)? If so, 15 January is your registration deadline. If you live at a Dutch address, you’ll need to login with DigiD. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to be organised and request it two weeks before the deadline.
15 AprilIf you live at a Dutch address and you don’t have a DigiD yet, you’ll have to request a DigiD login by this date so you get your application with THUAS in on time.
1 MayFor non-EU nationals application is closed on this date. For all other nationalities, you can still apply for a program, but it is up to the program whether you still be admitted (provided you have also met the other requirements).
15 JuneMost non-EU nationals must have submitted a complete set of application documents (including language test). 
This is also the package fee payment deadline. Read more about Immigration procedures.
31 AugustYou must meet all the admission requirements by 31 August and arrange payment of your tuition fees by direct debit or a bank transfer. Otherwise you won’t be able to start on 1 September - and we only have one intake date!

1 September     
This is the official start date of the new academic year. Your programme will start around this date. Information on the start of the year and the introduction period is available on our Starting Info page.

Registration and enrolment checklist

1. Check if you meet the entry requirements

Ok, before we start, it’s important to check that you meet all our entry requirements and have the right qualifications - or you won’t get into THUAS. 

But don’t panic just yet. If you don’t qualify for direct admission, there might be alternative options for you.

2. Set up a DigiD account

If you have a Dutch address, you’ll need to set up a ‘digital identity’ or DigiD account to log into official websites and Studielink. It usually takes around five working days, so get it up and running asap!

3. Register on Studielink

If you don’t have a Dutch address, set up a Studielink account. Any problems? Check out the Q&A section of the Studielink website for more info. Once you’re in, you can add your previous education details and submit an enrolment request. If THUAS has an agent in your country, you can apply through them. Just let Studielink know when prompted during the enrolment process. From China and applying for our English Prep School programme? You must apply through an agent. Agents may charge a fee for their services.

4. Fill out your application in THUAS’s Osiris system

Once you’ve applied through Studielink you’ll receive your THUAS student number and a login for the Osiris application system by email. Please complete your application in Osiris and upload your documents as soon as you can so we can start work on your application.

5. Upload your documents

To process your application, we’ll need you to upload:

  • a copy of your European ID card or passport
  • a residence permit valid on 1 September 2024 if you are a non-EU resident
  • a copy of your diploma certificate with the grade list or official transcript
  • or, if you haven’t yet received your diploma results, a statement (in English, Dutch, German or French) signed and stamped by your school listing your diplomas, predicted grades and expected graduation date
  • valid English language test results
6. Our admission decision

Once you’ve submitted the right documents, it’s time for our Enrolment Office to make a decision. Sit tight. You can keep track in Osiris and we’ll email you once we’ve made up our minds. If you’ve gone through an agent, they’ll also receive an email.

7. Immigration

For non-EU students it’s time to look into living abroad and arranging your immigration and visa paperwork. We will need some additional items from you. More information will be provided to you after you have submitted your enrolment request.

8. Pay your tuition fees

You’ll have to pay your tuition fees to complete your registration. If you’re paying by direct debit through Studielink, we’ll automatically debit the fee from your bank account in one lump sum or nine instalments. Digital payments are only possible if you have a bank account in a SEPA country. If you’re not from a SEPA country, you’ll need to pay the entire balance in one go and send a confirmation form. (This step does not apply for first year non-EU students who have paid the package fee)

9. Complete your enrolment

Make sure that you check into Studielink and Osiris regularly under ‘my degree programmes’ and ‘status’ to find out how it’s going. Or look under ‘my to do list’ in Studielink to see if there are any actions you need to take. In the course of the summer, we will also send you several emails to remind you about these actions. Once your enrolment is complete, it’ll say ‘enrolled’ in Studielink. During the summer, you’ll hear from your degree programme about schedules and books. You’ll get an email telling you that your digital student card and proof of enrolment are waiting for you at the start of the academic year.

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The small print

There are certain terms and conditions related to enrolment as a student at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS).
Read all about the Regulations for enrollment or browse through the terms of enrolment summary to find the most relevant ones.

More about registration and enrolment

Did you miss a deadline? Or need to start at a later date? We answer these sorts of questions in our FAQs, or contact the Enrolment Office.