Shadow A Student Day 2023 - 2024

Are you interested in a degree programme, but still looking for confirmation? You might like to shadow a student for a day. This option is available between October and mid-May. You can register now for a degree programme you’re interested in.

How to register for Shadow A Student Day?

Click the button below to register for Shadow A Student Day. 

If the degree programme of your preference is missing, it means that this programme does not currently offer a Shadow A Student Day. Check this page for updates or contact the programme.

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Questions and answers

What to expect from a Shadow A Student Day? 

‘Shadowing’ means that you are paired with a student for the day for a behind-the-scenes look at the degree programme you are considering. You will attend classes together with the student during a regular school day. This is not a custom programme, so you may find yourself in the middle of a lecture and have no knowledge about the material. Don’t worry, you’re here only to experience what a typical day as a student is like. You can see how students interact with one another and get to know some of the lecturers. This ‘shadow’ day and our other study choice activities are non-committal and free of charge. 

The difference between a Shadow A Student Day and Trial Study Days

The Trial Study Days are all about giving you a taste of the degree programme. You sit with other prospective students and you get an impression of what you can expect during an academic year. Trial Study Days are at set times during the year.  

On a Shadow A Student Day, you join a student from the degree programme during a standard study day. This way you really experience what the degree programme is like and spend the day with students who are already following the degree programme. You can ask about their experiences and get a taste of the atmosphere. A Shadow A Student Day can take place on any day of the academic year between October and May, depending on when it is convenient for you and the student.

Who can register for Shadow A Student Day?

If this is your final examination year and you have already attended an Open Day (even if it was at a different university of applied sciences but for the same study), you can sign up to shadow a current student.