With our research, we (Centre of Expertise Digital Operations & Finance) enable companies and entrepreneurs to reduce their footprint on space, materials, employees and human beings with the help of digital technology. 

We combine perspectives from tech and business and we mainly focus on the high-tech manufacturing industry (including agro and health), smart mobility and fintech. We develop digital technology, but also investigate its role in business operations and the value chain.

In addition, we develop education for students and employees in which the focus points are: solving issues related to sustainable development, (in)equality and digital technology. Students learn how to shape a sustainable economy through smart technology and data. Not only through education, but also by letting students participate in scientific research.

Currently, seven research groups are part of Centre of Expertise Digital Operations & Finance: Change Management, Fotonica, New Finance, Platform Economy, Purposeful Marketing, Smart Sensor Systems & Smart Sustainable Manufacturing.

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How can local initiatives contribute to realizing the materials transition?
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The Detectable Vegetable

The project aims to minimize diseases and spoilage of horticultural vegetables in greenhouse cultivation.
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Securing infrastructure with photonics (SUNSPOT)

Large infrastructure objects such as a bridge or viaduct need to be monitored to guarantee safety and to optimise maintenance.
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13 March 2024


Testing innovative ideas with AI

René Bohnsack gave a presentation about how entrepreneurs and teachers can use AI to develop sustainable business…
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8 February 2024


Launch of Research Project 'Mbo-students in Action for Plant-Based Food'

At the heart of the project are Mbo students: their perceptions of plant-based food, their consumption of plant-based…
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31 August 2023


Conference and Inaugural Lecture – The Future of Our Monetary System

Martijn van der Linden, New Finance lecturer at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, believes that our monetary…
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Meet our team

Team Digital Operations and Finance



General Feasibility Report: Implications for setting up Savings Groups in Europe

This feasibility report aims to create a solid background for Savings Groups programming in Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands where partner organisations of the LETS SAVEE project are based.


Balancing the social and financial sides of the coin

Two things are important in order to participate properly in society: being financially healthy and having a solid social network. They are two sides of the same coin. How do you keep it balanced?


Sensor fusion of odometer, compass and beacon distance for mobile robots

The estimation of the pose of a differential drive mobile robot from noisy odometer, compass, and beacon distance measurements is studied. The estimation problem, which is a state estimation problem with...


Ecological momentary assessment study of exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields and non-specific physical symptoms with self-declared electrosensitives

The main objective of the study is to determine if non-specific physical symptoms (NSPS) in people with self-declared sensitivity to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF EMF) can be explained...


PrimaVera: Synergising Predictive Maintenance

The full potential of predictive maintenance has not yet been utilised. Current solutions focus on individual steps of the predictive maintenance cycle and only work for very specific settings.