Wouldn’t it be wonderful to look around at another university of applied sciences and get to know new students? Kies op Maat gives you that opportunity. To read more about the minors you can take a look at THUAS in the 2024-2025 academic year. Read the brochure or go to

A few facts in a row

  • Duration: 10 - 12 weeks
  • Language: Dutch, but also English minors
  • Locations: all locations of THUAS
  • Start dates: September, November, February and April
  • For whom: students of other universities of applied sciences

Minors we offer

Taking a minor in another city

Still don’t know which minor you want to take in The Hague? No problem! The digital brochure Kies op Maat (KOM) lists all the minors available at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in the 2024-2025 academic year. Both this brochure and provide detailed descriptions. The enrolment period is from Monday February 12th until Monday May 13th 2024.. In our new brochure you can read all about the application process, learning objectives, study load and the start dates of the various KOM minors. If you still have questions after reading all this information, the contact person for minors will be happy to help you. 

Practical information

Entry requirements

The entry requirements differ per minor. Check Kies op Maat for more information.


Is everything clear and are you ready to come study at THUAS? Then register now! The enrolment period is from Monday February 12th until Monday May 13th 2024. The application information can be found on the first page of the learning agreement. Our minor committee and minor contact persons welcome you to The Hague.

Once you have chosen your minor, follow the following seven steps for registration: 

  1. Go to
  2. Create your own account. 
  3. Use the search function to go to the module of your choice. 
  4. Click on ‘Registration’.
  5. Print out the learning agreement and have the examination board sign it.
  6. Follow the instructions on the first page of the learning agreement to register at THUAS.
  7. Wait for further registration instructions for the minor from THUAS. 

Upon completion of the minor you will receive a certificate or a certified list of grades. If not, you can request it. Take the original document to the front office of your degree programme. Your results will then be credited to your exam programme in OSIRIS.