You can only start your studies if you are legally allowed to reside in The Netherlands. Check below what you need to do, based on your nationality. We will of course guide you through the procedures.

Do I need a visa? 

Are you from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland? 

If you’re from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland you don’t have to apply for a residence permit or register with the Dutch immigration authorities.  

Are you from Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea, UK, USA or Vatican City? 

You don’t need a Dutch entry visa (MVV) to enter the Netherlands, but you do need a residence permit to study here. You can’t apply for this yourself, but don’t worry, we do that for you. You’ll need to upload your documents and transfer a package fee of €25,000 before 15 June 2024. But you don’t need to do anything until you’re accepted at THUAS. 

Are you from another country? 

You’ll need a residence permit and possibly an entry visa (MVV). We’ll apply for them both on your behalf as you are not allowed to arrange this yourself. You’ll just need to upload your documents and transfer a package fee of €25,000 before 15 June 2024. Are you from China? You’ll also need a CSSD Verification Report. We’ll give you more details once you’ve had your conditional letter of acceptance.

Already in the Netherlands?

If you’re already living in the Netherlands and you have a valid residence permit for another Dutch university, we need to let the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) know about your change in educational institution. You’ll have to submit some additional documents before June 15.

If you already have a Dutch residence permit for another purpose than study, which you can’t extend, we’ll apply for your study residence permit. Just submit the correct documents and application fee 3 months before the expiry date on your current (valid) permit. You’ll get more info after your (conditional) acceptance.

If you’ve already got a ‘privileged’ card from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the IND will need an official statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with your PROBAS registration and de-registration date. You’ll also need to provide the relevant paperwork.

About the package fee

If you need us to apply for a residence permit for study, we’ll ask you to transfer a € 25,000 package fee to our account before 15 June 2024 to avoid any delay in your immigration application. Sorry, but we can’t accept payments in instalments. We know it’s a lot of money, but proving that you have ‘sufficient financial means’ is a legal requirement - and living abroad is pricey.

The following costs will be deducted from the package fee:

The leftover amount serves as proof that you have sufficient financial means to meet your costs of living in the Netherlands. It will be refunded to you after arrival, once you have opened a Dutch bank account.

Please note: Legal fees don’t get refunded if you cancel, or if your immigration application is turned down. If the IND doesn’t approve your application, we’ll deduct the non-refundable application fees and the remaining amount will be refunded. On cancellation, we’ll deduct the legal application fees and a €100 cancellation fee and refund the difference.

Before we start the immigration process, we can ask for info from IND and your previous educational institution(s). We will also withdraw your immigration status if you don’t start your course.

Keeping your residence permit

It is important to understand that each year you need to meet two conditions to keep your residence permit. These conditions have to do with study progress and financial means.  

The study progress requirement entails that you need to pass at least 50% of the study workload for that academic year. An academic year has a workload of 60 credits, meaning that you need to obtain at least 30 credits. During your studies we will email you to remind you about the study progress requirement and the steps you need to take in case you wish for your personal circumstances to be taken into account. Please note that the personal circumstances that may be considered as valid reason are listed in the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act. These include reasons such as illness, exceptional family circumstances, pregnancy, physical or sensory impairment or other functional disorders and the inability to study.  

If you fail to meet the progress threshold and there are no demonstrated personal circumstances that justify your lack of study process, we have to inform the IND and your residence permit may be cancelled. In that case you won’t be allowed to continue in another THUAS programme but you do have the option to switch to another study programme at another educational institution in the Netherlands. 

For the second condition, every summer you’ll also need to show proof of sufficient financial means for your programme tuition fees and living expenses (around €25,000) for the next academic year to keep your permit. If you don’t have the money, we have to inform the IND and you could lose your permit. 

We will also notify the IND if you have quit your studies and that of course also means that you are no longer eligible for a residence permit for study purposes. 

Please also check the IND website for further information.  

Contact us

Any questions about visas, immigration and residence permits? Contact the Enrolment Centre.