Working with Europe is a profession. Research group “Changing Role of Europe” conducts research on the practical aspects of European work, helping to train a new generation of European professionals.

About the research group

What does European work look like in practice? The researchers of “Changing Role of Europe” deal with relevant issues related to European cooperation at regional, national, and global levels. 

The research group started the European Impact initiative, which brings about various types of activities. European Impact offers concrete, practice-oriented knowledge products for organizations and their (future) professionals. The team integrates knowledge from the fields of European studies, public administration, business administration, political science, communication and (international) law. Lecturers, students, and staff at The Hague University of Applied Sciences are invited to develop and share European knowledge in the research group. 

Mendeltje van Keulen

About the professor

dr. Mendeltje van Keulen

Dr. Mendeltje van Keulen leads the research group “Changing Role of Europe”. She researches the European policies of organizations, professionals, and the role of regions in regard to EU advocacy. Mendeltje is a passionate public administration expert with the ambition to use the research group as a way to connect the European field with higher education and academia.   

Mendeltje achieved a PhD in European Public Administration and completed a Master's degree at the College of Europe in Bruges. Her dissertation (“Going Europe or Going Dutch,” 2006) examined the conditions for effective European advocacy by the Dutch government in the field of natural gas and biotechnology. She worked from 1998 to 2009 as (senior) research fellow for the Netherlands Institute for International Relations “Clingendael” and was seconded as researcher to the Scientific Council for Government Policy. As registrar and head of EU staff at the Dutch House of Representatives (2009-2018), she gained practical experience in Europeanization processes and change management. In recent years she has been EU-researcher for the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Currently she is a member of the EU-committee of the Dutch Advisory Council for International affairs.

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Mastering the European profession


Jean Monnet Chair EU-ACT DIGITAL

Can big tech be controlled? Can the government ensure bank cards stay secure in an e-wallet on phones?
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EU Mobile Citizens

What is the situation of EU mobile citizens within the EU and how can we improve it?
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EU Mobile Citizens

How can young people, policymakers, and international institutions in The Hague come closer together and what can we achieve with the interaction between these groups?
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14 December 2023

Dr. Mendeltje van Keulen’s contribution to the Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration 2023


Mendetje wrote a chapter on the Netherlands in which she explores the position of the country within the European Union…
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12 September 2023

Making an Impact at the EGPA Conference in Zagreb


Research group members Rosa Groen and Gijs Giesen made a significant impact at the EGPA conference in Zagreb.
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9 May 2023

Talking about ‘How EU Climate Policies affect the Younger Generation


On Monday 3 April, several students gathered in the Speakers' Corner of The Hague University of Applied Sciences…
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EU Mobile Citizens: Challenges and successes. How small to medium-sized towns and businesses deal with EU Mobile Citizens

This paper explores the situation of EU mobile citizens (i.e. intra-EU labor migrants) in small to medium-sized towns (SMSTs) in the EU.

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EU awareness: unlocking the European potential of cities and regions

This paper provides insights from a Community of Practice formed by the Changing Role of Europe between the Province of South Holland and the Municipalities of The Hague, Dordrecht, Leiden, and Rotterdam.

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Textbook chapter

Die Niederlande- Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration 2023

This book chapter by Dr. Mendeltje van Keulen in the 2023 edition of The Yearbook of European Integration explores the position of the Netherlands within the EU.

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