Can big tech be controlled? Can the government ensure bank cards stay secure in an e-wallet on phones? Can algorithms be prevented from being discriminatory? 

With a large number of EU laws on digitalisation coming to play in the upcoming years, it is critical for the current generation of students to learn about the effects of digitalisation and EU digital policy. This is exactly what the Jean Monnet Chair EU-ACT DIGITAL aims to address. 

Purpose of project

The main purpose of the Jean Monnet Chair EU-ACT DIGITAL is to promote knowledge on how EU digital policy impacts organizations, to highlight applied research skills that help foresee, assess, and act/advice on EU policy and legislation, and to spread knowledge to the wider public about the relevance of EU digital policy.

The Jean Monnet Chair EU-ACT DIGITAL will have various teaching modules at The Hague University of Applied Sciences incorporate key information relating to EU digital policy.  This includes courses (“Political Challenges: An Introduction to European Ideas”, “Managing Organisations in the EU”, “Applied Research Skills”, “Facing Europe’s Challenges”, and “Fundraising in the EU”), minors (“EU Public Law and Governance” and “Challenges to European Governance”), as well as The Hague Summer School “Peace and Justice in the EU” programme, and the Europe Desk.

Furthermore, outside of the classroom, the project also involves organizing dynamic public events/workshops and creating 6 podcast episodes on the Global Gossip podcast with guest speakers who are experts on the topic of digitalisation in the EU. 

In the end, as part of the Jean Monnet Chair EU-ACT DIGITAL, an academic article is published based upon the insights from skills workshops and real-life assignments relating to EU digital policy.

Cooperation partners

The Jean Monnet Chair EU-ACT DIGITAL advisory board consists of: 

  • Bart Groothuis - Member of the European Parliament for VvD/Renew
  • Rogier Klimbie - Public Affairs Advisor for startups (former Google employee)
  • Gertrude Kort - Advisor for the Centre of Expertise Europa Decentraal
  • Sandra Leenders - EU advisor of the Digital Affairs Committee at the Dutch House of Representatives
  • Lisa Vermeer - Senior Coordinating Policy Officer for Digital Affairs at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Witte Wijsmuller - Policy Assistant at DG Connect at the European Commission

Duration of project 

January 2024- December 2026


This project is funded by the European Union.

Study Programs

European Studies, minors EU Public Law and Governance and Challenges to European Governance, The Hague Summer School (Peace and Justice in the EU program), and Europe Desk 

Project leader

dr. Mendeltje van Keulen

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