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You have already gained experience in finance and control. You have the ambition to be the decision maker that can keep your organisation healthy. That can lead the organisation in a development of growth. 

You look forward to broaden your scope and to deepen your knowledge of (international) data-driven business control. The dynamic Master Financial Management and Control gives you the knowledge and skills to analyse complex matters and to take strategic decisions. This master takes you a big step further in your career. 

  • You want to work as a manager on the foundation of data-driven business control; 

  • You want to develop your business control career; 

  • You are looking for a solid programme with an emphasis on applying what you learn; 

  • You want to become acquainted with recent research methods in business control  

Master Financial Management and Control 

How do you keep a large organisation healthy? That question has everything to do with business control. A challenge extending beyond the financial side. A business controller in the 21st century has to deal with an increasing amount of varied data flowing through the organization. As CEO or CFO, how do you manage the development of your organization in this situation? Which role does your organisational culture play in this, certainly if your organization operates internationally? Which leadership styles are then the most effective? How do you organize your risk management accordingly? These are the essential questions.  

The Master Financial Management and Control will deepen and broaden your knowledge and skills in this field. In this hands-on master programme you learn more about financial management, accounting and business control along the three learning lines Finance & Control, Human & Control and Research & Control. When you have successfully completed the study, you get the title of Master of Science. 

Why should you choose the full-time Master Financial Management and Control at The Hague University of Applied Sciences Pro (THUAS Pro)?

The Master's degree programme in Financial Management and Control at THUAS Pro​​​​​​ is known for its personal approach and its short distance to practice. The group of students with whom you attend the lectures is small and diverse. You soon know everyone, including your teachers.  

Integration with work situation 

This master's degree focuses on data-driven business control. The programme fits in perfectly with what you experience in the professional field. Because of the high degree of integration of work and study, everything you learn during the master you can apply directly in the work situation you aspire. 


Classes in this master are interactive. You discuss with fellow students and teachers. You learn from each other and discuss practical cases together. You also visit companies. Our teachers introduce you to the most recent research methods and developments in (big) data analytics and blockchain technology. During the professional skills classes you learn to work together from various international and cultural perspectives with students from all over the world. 

Strategic decisions 

This master offers you the knowledge and skills to lead a modern organisation, in which you convert data-based analyses into strategic decisions. You also reinforce numerous personal skills such as research skills and communication skills. 

Admission requirements

For more information or to apply directly?

Check the registration conditions or apply directly:

  1. Register your enrolment in Osiris, our enrolment system.
  2. Upload digital copies of your CV, relevant diplomas and list of grades. You will hear within a week whether you meet the admission requirements.
  3. Optional: intake interview. Do you not have a relevant educational entry level but you do have a higher professional education work and thinking level? During an intake interview, the programme manager will assess whether you are sufficiently qualified for the degree programme in question.
  4. If your employer funds the degree programme, we will ask you for a completed employer's statement. You can print out and upload this PDF. You will receive confirmation by e-mail that you have been admitted to the degree programme. Invoicing will follow after the start, but the employer’s statement must be in before the start of degree programme. You can upload a blank sheet if you don't manage to get the employer's statement signed immediately. 

How to apply

Everything about admission
  • Bachelor degree 
  • Final transcript 
  • English level test score (IELTS minimum score of 6.0 on every sub score and an overall minimum score of 6.0; or equivalent test) 
  • 2 years relevant professional work experience (MBA PT 3 years) 
  • Mandatory intake interview 
  • Motivation Statement 
  • Recommendation letter 
  • Resumé / Curriculum Vitae 
English language requirements 

As our international Master programmes are taught entirely in English, candidates must demonstrate a good command of the English language, both spoken and written. You can view the English language requirements in this document

Contact the admissions office ( for more information. 

Apply for this study

Your investment

Startdate2 September 2024
Period12 months 
PlaceTHUAS Pro​​​​​​, location Poseidon  
Program typeMaster
Time investment40 hours a week
Investment€ 21.995

In time

  • Lectures per week: scheduled on 4 days (Monday till Thursday) 
  • Self-study per week: 20-24 hours  
  • Study load per week: 40 hours  
  • Period of total study: 12 months 

At THUAS Pro​​​​​​ we focus on offering you quality education with personal attention in a blended setting. Our education is offered in a mix of online and on-campus lectures and gatherings. For more information about blended education at THUAS Pro​​​​​​, please check the extra information on this page.  

In money

  • Payment in one go: € 21.995
  • Payment in terms: € 22.495
  • Books: € 1000  

Nice to know

  • A scholarship may be applicable. Find more information about scholarships.  
  • Dutch students are exempt from VAT (btw).  
  • Your employer can fully offset training costs against gross results and label them as operating expenses.   
  • In some cases, it is possible to have a loan from the Dutch government. Please visit the website of the Dienst Uitvoerend Onderwijs for a LiveLongLearningCredit. 

Programme content

Quarter 1
  • Financial & Management Accounting 

  • Organisational Behaviour, Leadership & Professional Skills 

  • Data Analytics, Quantitative Research 

  • Master colloquia, International Tax Law 

Quarter 2
  • Treasury Management & Corporate Finance 

  • Risk Management & International Corporate Governance 

  • Research Methodology & Critical Thinking 

  • Master colloquia, IFRS 

Quarter 3
  • Business Intelligence 

  • Operations Management & Management Control Systems 

  • Accounting Information, Systems and Internal Auditing 

  • Master colloquia, Recent developments 

Upon completion

When you have successfully completed this master:  

  • You receive the certificate of Master Financial Management and Control;  
  • You may use the title Master of Science; 
  • You can play an important guiding and visioning role within an international organisation;  
  • You can manage your organisation in a world that is rapidly changing.  

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