In addition to working, you want to follow a part-time programme. You already have a good idea of what's on offer. But how do you combine your job and personal life with the programme you want to follow? Read other people's experiences and tips.

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Students have their say

Students have their say

Jantien de Jonge

“Part-time studies are more work than you think. Your classes start at rush hour, and you open your laptop every evening to study. To do that, you need to be able to plan, you need to keep your back straight and have a flexible home front. But all the hours I put into it were well worth it. So step out of your comfort zone and take a different professional path. That helps you grow enormously as a person. “

Extra step in development

Tim Koole

“I enjoy doing my job. Actually, I want to take a next step in this, but I don't have the diplomas for that yet. That is why I deliberately chose this part-time degree programme. I hope that with the knowledge and skills I gain here, I can take that extra step in my development and career. The degree programme prepares me for that. In addition, it already offers me more in-depth experience in the work I do.”

Flexible steering is exactly what I want

Philip Korff de Gidts

“Accelerated and flexible study is exactly what I want. Call me a late bloomer, there's nothing wrong with that. Why does everything have to proceed in a fixed order - study first and then work? It is precisely by studying alongside my job that I can now do work-focused and applied research. I am discovering so much better what I like and what suits me because I have more life experience.”

Important to really follow lessons

Mitchel Querreveld

“I was really excited to learn something new and chose this part-time degree programme. I had already done some courses, but now I wanted to gain more general and broad knowledge. I looked at what forms of training the various knowledge institutes offer. Self-study doesn’t cut it for me because I think it's important to really follow lessons. For me, that's a motivation when things are difficult. This part-time degree programme is perfect for me.”

It's full of energy

John de Bruin

“After working in the same position for the same company for 9 years, I noticed that I was being challenged less and less. I've decided to put all my free time into a new degree programme for 2 years of my life. Not for a higher salary. Purely for the knowledge and proof that I can work at a senior level. It gives me an incredible amount of energy. I work with students from around the world and from various industries. You learn an awful lot from each other besides the study material. And when we prepare a presentation together, it's full of energy. There is a lot of drive, ambition and inspiration.”

Better job market opportunities

Ferry Minke

“I opted for a part-time degree programme to improve my chances in the labour market. You see how important digitisation is in society. That also applies to my work. I want to know a lot more about that and be able to do a lot more with it. When I get my diploma, I'll be an up-to-date professional. My chances in the labour market are then much better. Always nice if you want to apply for a job elsewhere.”

Do discuss and arrange something beforehand

Miguelo Sana

“I started this part-time degree programme while I have a girlfriend, a family and a job. Before you get started, you need to discuss and arrange some things. My employer gives me one day a week off to study. And luckily, my girlfriend supports me by keeping the family running when I need to study.”

Nice to be at the open day

Marloes van Zeijl

“I had already focused on a part-time degree programme. After that, I visited the open day. I really liked that. There I got a clear picture of the curriculum. Because of this preparation, I knew exactly what to expect from the study.“