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Do you want to delve deeper into finance and accounting during your Master of Business Administration? Then choose the MBA with finance profiling.


You will learn to draw strategic conclusions with a company-wide, integrated view and modern analysis techniques, and to link sound advice to them. The organisation you will work for can then use these conclusions to improve its performance in strategy, operations, marketing, finance and HRM. You will be given practice-oriented cases that will help you connect theoretical knowledge with practice and add value to your organisation as an expert.

This MBA consists of a core curriculum that includes components such as strategy, marketing, operations and finance. You will also take 3 in-depth modules focusing on finance and accounting. In your final master's thesis, you will work on a project focused on finance and/or accounting. This will help you develop into an MBA professional who is also a solid partner in financial or accounting issues within your organisation.

Admission requirements

Everything about admission and registration

Admission requirements

To follow the Master of Business Administration specialisation in finance, you must have an bachelor degree with a sufficiently strong quantitative component. You have 2 years of relevant work experience in a finance-oriented environment.

For more information or to apply directly?

Check the registration conditions or apply directly:

  1. Register your enrolment in Osiris, our enrolment system.
  2. Upload digital copies of your CV, relevant diplomas and list of grades. You will hear within a week whether you meet the admission requirements.
  3. Optional: intake interview. Do you not have a relevant educational entry level but you do have a higher professional education work and thinking level? During an intake interview, the programme manager will assess whether you are sufficiently qualified for the degree programme in question.
  4. If your employer funds the degree programme, we will ask you for a completed employer's statement. You can print out and upload this PDF. You will receive confirmation by e-mail that you have been admitted to the degree programme. Invoicing will follow after the start, but the employer’s statement must be in before the start of degree programme. You can upload a blank sheet if you don't manage to get the employer's statement signed immediately. 

How to apply

Intake inverview

During the mandatory intake interview, you will tell us more about your motivation. You can provide a letter of recommendation and a current curriculum vitae.

English comprehension

As our international master's degree programmes are taught entirely in English, candidates must demonstrate a good command of the English language, both spoken and written. You can see the English language requirements in this document . For example, you must have taken a test in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or equivalent, where 6.0 was your minimum score in all subparts and you had an average of at least 6.5.

Contact the admissions office ( for more information.

Your investment

Start dateIntroductionday: August 28, 2024
Start date: September 2, 2024
Education16-18 hours per week
Self-study (outside work/education)10-12 hours per week
Total teaching hours/study load30 hours per week
Single payment fees€ 21.995*
Fees in terms€ 22.495*
Book money€ 1.000

*You do not have to pay VAT on this master. Your organisation can claim the cost of this master in full as a business expense.

Why this programme?

  • Practical, academic journey.
  • Strong international focus.
  • Applicable in your current job, opportunity for advancement.
  • Develop leadership qualities.
  • Learn the finer points of financial analysis and strategies

After successful completion of this MBA with finance specialisation, you can call yourself an expert in analysing financial data and advising strategically on it. You will gain knowledge and skills needed to excel in leadership roles of a financial nature. It not only sharpens financial expertise but also promotes strategic thinking, a combination that is indispensable in today's business arena. So immerse yourself in the dynamic world of finance and unlock your potential with our MBA with a finance profile! This programme is a practical academic journey that will help you realise your ambitions. Learn not only the finer points of financial analysis and strategies, but also develop leadership skills that will advance your career.

Content of the study

Content of the module

After your study

What you might become

Dit word je wel

  • Financial Controller

  • Business controller

  • Finance Manager

  • Treasury Manager

  • Business Manager

  • Business Consultant

  • Financial Consultant

  • Strategy Consultant

What you won’t become

  • Accountant

  • Account Manager

  • Tax Advisor

  • Internal Auditor

  • Senior Accountant

Practical info

What else do you need to know?

Official degree programme name

Master of Business Administration

Diploma and recognition

Master of business administration

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