Groep studenten die zitten in een hoorcollegezaal

Did you register yourself for a programme at The Hague University of Applied Sciences? Then you will have the opportunity to do a Study Choice Check via a personal interview.

This is the moment to get to know more, ask questions and find out more about the specializations. With this final check we help you to get a good idea of the study. It is not mandatory to do a Study Choice Check at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, you choose whether or not to use it. After submitting your application you will receive more information about the Study Choice Check.

Please contact your programme if you want to know more about the Study Choice Check. You can find the contact details below. 

Public Management, Law & Safety

Health, Nutrition & Sport

Programme  Questions?  E-mail 
International Sport Management Helmien Rambaldo

Business & Management

Programme  Questions?  E-mail  Telephone 
European Studies Dave van Ginhoven  0639082168
International Business Poornima Verboom 0639080902
International Communication Management  Julia Wagenaar  0648450958
International Financial Management & Control  Casper Verschoor

Technology, Innovation & Society

Programme  Questions?  E-mail  Telephone 
Industrial Design Engineering Senko Kabbes 

Process & Food Technology Ron Haring 0704458744