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Does something with Business suit you? 

Internet companies and pop-up stores are springing up on every corner. You love these kinds of stories and you see yourself helping companies to produce things faster, more sustainably, or at a lower cost. You follow all the trends and innovations and you are itching to do something with your ideas. Maybe you’re already doing this and run your own business. 

Fascinating and boundless 
Your broad overview will take you far. Do you think you would enjoy brainstorming about the direction of an organisation with an enthusiastic and motivated team or working with others on innovative solutions? If you are flexible and have a can-do approach, then Business is an area of interest that is worth considering. There are no limits to the exciting world of business!

In other words, you...

  • want to play a part in innovative solutions and making changes


  • want to contribute ideas about the direction of an organisation


  • have a broad overview, a can-do attitude, and are flexible

Degree programmes within the Business area of interest