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Does something with Communication suit you?

Influencers such as PewDiePie and NikkieTutorials use their vlogs to reach, connect with and influence an incredible number of people. You are probably thinking, ‘Wow!’ Is that really possible? Absolutely.

The power of communication is unlimited
Are you creative and results-focused and do you like to play with language? Then Communication is probably the perfect field for you. How would you like to create content for websites, be a press spokesperson or write communication plans? The world is yours to explore. Discover what medium is best suited to effectively transmit your message and your social media post might even go viral. Isn’t that a thrill?!

In other words, you...

  • want to reach people, connect with them and influence them


  • wish to effectively transmit a message


  • are creative, results-focused and love playing with language

Degree programmes within the Communication area of interest