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Does something with Safety and Security suit you? 

Danger lurks everywhere, whether it’s a terrorist attack, an internet leak, or an outbreak of a pandemic. We are barely aware of the thousands of people who work hard for our safety and security every single day. For instance, think about the police officers, security guards and surveillance officers who allow us to move around freely. If you would also like to play a role in making our society safer, then Safety and Security is an area of interest that will definitely appeal to you. 

Presence, expertise and experience
What does safety and security mean for the business community and for citizens? How can you manage safety and security in public spaces? You will learn how to approach safety and security issues from a variety of angles. You are curious and always looking ahead which means you are capable of assessing risks. You will do incredibly important work behind the scenes.

In other words, you…

  • want to work on making society more safe and secure


  • are curious and are always looking ahead


  • are good at assessing security risks

Degree programme within the Safety and Security area of interest