Sports promote social interaction, which may contribute to a dynamic, resilient and inclusive society. To create valuable social interactions, sports organisations must be able to cope with increasingly diverse communities.

A considerable task for the traditional sports club, which requires new forms of collaboration between sports clubs, residents, local and national government, public and private organisations.



About the research group


The Impact of Sport research group focuses on promoting social vitality, inclusion and resilience by strengthening organisations, professionals and volunteers involved in sports management. The research investigates how to positively enhance the social impact of sport in urban areas facing important social issues and challenges, especially in ethnically diverse communities.   


Impact of Sport researchers are working within communities alongside residents, sports associations and other sports providers, students, municipalities, public and private organisations. Action research and innovations from living labs generate new useful knowledge on cooperation and co-existence, unlocking potential (new) organisational forms, practical skills for sports professionals and volunteers and a new, positive impact of sport on society. The research group works in a demand-driven and practice-oriented manner, in The Hague and beyond.

About the professor

dr. Koen Breedveld

Koen Breedveld started as the new Professor of Impact of Sports on 1 January 2023. Following on from an excellent career in sports research and as Director of Reddingsbrigade Nederland, he is now keen to pass on his experience to students and lecturers. “Connecting research and practice has always been important to me. Allowing more people to benefit from the power of sports, thanks to the knowledge we develop together: that’s my goal for the research group”.

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Koen Breedveld


Within our research group researchers, lecturer-researchers and students work closely together with practical partners to conduct research. Together we are committed to add value for the region.


 Meet the team Impact of Sport

Team Impact of Sport


We Lead Volleybal Together

Despite the high participation rates of girls in volleyball, women are underrepresented in decision-making roles such as administrators, coaches, and referees.
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Minor Impact of Sport

The Impact of Sport minor is part of the continuous learning track developed by The Hague University of Applied Sciences for the Haags Sportkwartier. Here we teach tomorrow’s professionals what they need to develop an appropriate range of sports activities and exercise in and with the neighbourhood.
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Sport and Social Cohesion Lab: how sport connects

European cities are changing fast and diversity is increasing. We therefore see a greater call for more social cohesion. Ensuring mutual social cohesion and connectedness is extremely important for the stability, safety and solidarity in cities. Sport can play a major role here: sport connects and brings people together, regardless of their background.
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Minor Impact of Sport


18 January 2023


What’s the aim of the new Professor of Impact of Sports? To get all of The Hague moving!

Koen Breedveld started as the new Professor of Impact of Sports on 1 January 2023. Following on from an excellent…
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14 September 2022

General, Research

Sporting event sponsorship offers added value

Sponsoring a major sporting event has a positive effect on the commercial and social impact of both the sponsor and the…
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15 August 2022

General, Research

Professor Frank van Eekeren says goodbye: ‘Sport has a major social impact’

Sport brings people together. That was the starting point for the new research group Impact of Sport. Three years later…
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Baseline measurement Neighborhood Sports Association Moerwijk-Noord

The current situation of the new living lab: BSV Moerwijk-Noord. Based on this report, further steps will be taken to increase sports and exercise participation.

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The effects of neighbours on sport club membership

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What role can men play in facilitating gender equity in Football Governance?

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