European cities are changing fast and diversity is increasing. We therefore see a greater call for more social cohesion. Ensuring mutual social cohesion and connectedness is extremely important for the stability, safety and solidarity in cities. Sport can play a major role here: sport connects and brings people together, regardless of their background. The Impact of Sport Research Group is taking part in the European Sport and Social Cohesion Lab (SSCL) to research how sport can provide a positive contribution to social cohesion.

The Sport and Social Cohesion Lab consists of four living labs where research and innovation go hand in hand. Researchers, professionals and end users collaborate in daily practice and co-create new knowledge and practical solutions through sport. 


The research focuses on answering the following questions:

  1. Which processes lead to social cohesion in various sports programmes in the districts of four European cities (The Hague, Cologne, Dublin and Prague)?
  2. Which methods and tools support professionals in developing and measuring processes that contribute to social cohesion through sport?
  3. What is the best way to distribute the new knowledge about the use of sport to increase social cohesion in big cities?

This project will eventually result in a toolkit containing the best practices and tools for professionals to achieve effective (sports) activities.

The SSCL Organisation

The research group conducts research in a consortium of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and universities from Germany, Ireland and the Czech Republic. The German Sports University from Cologne coordinates the project, which is funded through the EU Erasmus+ programme.

More information


The project started in March 2021 and runs until December 2023.


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