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Student assistant working on laptop
13 September 2022

Inspiration flows during two day seminar from Coral and THUAS

General, Research, Programmes

At the beginning of July the European network Coral – Regional Policies for Active and Healthy Living - and THUAS…
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Man en vrouw overleggen
27 July 2022

Blog: The power of resistance

General, Research, Blog

The power of resistance! When you compress a spring, it creates resistance, which is converted into spring force when…
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Hal in de Haagse Hogeschool
27 July 2022

Blog: You can go very fast alone, but we will get further together

Research, Blog, Programmes

In her blog ‘You can go very fast alone, but we will get further together’, Mirjam Heemskerk-Van der Sprong discusses…
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30 June 2022

Seminar on NGO governance and accountability

General, Research

On Friday 24 June we had a great NGO day on NGO governance and accountability organized by THUAS- Center of Expertise…
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14 June 2022

The Hague University of Applied Sciences study shows that the economy of The Hague is back on track after corona crisis

General, Research

The corona crisis has left its mark, causing a 2% contraction of The Hague's economy. Nevertheless, the decrease…
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Toolkit Diversiteitsensitief boekje
30 May 2022

Toolkit 'A Diversity-Sensitive Approach in Youth Care' for professionals

General, Research

Young people and parents with a migration background make significantly less use of youth care. At the same time, they…
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Foto Placemaking
11 May 2022

Placemaking researched

General, Research

Placemaking, the new buzz word around The Hague. But what does it mean? And what is happening in The Hague that we can…
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9 March 2022

Neighbourhood agents on social media: dilemmas and challenges on the digital street

Research, General

Neighbourhood agents are increasingly using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to connect with the neighbourhood. Some…
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