In the library catalogue you will find a customized e-books collection, including a small part of compulsory literature. In most cases, the library cannot guarantee unlimited access for all students. If you have questions about, for example, borrowing (downloading) or reserving e-books, see the frequently asked questions about e-books. In addition, you will find thousands of e-books in various collections from different suppliers. In the overview below you will find the suppliers.

The possibilities for online reading, printing and downloading to your laptop, e-reader, or mobile can be found on the overview of usage possibilities per supplier.

Use the E-Publication Finder for finding the full text of a specific e-journal or e-book title. Browsing by topic is also possible. Searching by article level is not possible.


Go to Bookboon.

Gives access to over 1,600 freely downloadable textbooks in nine languages. The e-books were written by academics from top universities all over the world and treat subjects such as economics, statistics, IT, engineering and sciences.

Boom Digitale Bibliotheek

Go to Boom Digitale Bibliotheek

 Digital library tailored to the needs of THUAS with a selection of e-books from  Boom Juridische uitgeversBoom Lemma uitgevers en Eleven international publishing.

See the (Dutch) FAQ.


Go to Boomportaal

 Digital library of publishers Boom Amsterdam and Boom Den Haag with over 2,400 ebooks on almost all subject areas; and 54 e-journals in the domains Law, Governance and Policy, Society, Healthcare, HRM, Communication and Languages. You can read the e-books online within this platform. Downloading is not possible, you can print per paragraph. It is possible to download from ejournals and to use e-mail alerts or RSS to keep up to date. The 'Direct to' link provides an overview of updates per jurisdiction, edited by specialists within the jurisdiction in question. For most books, only one user can view the book at a time. If a book is not available, please try again later. Also see the e-book in the  Boom Digitale Bibliotheek.

BSL Vakbibliotheek

Go to BSL Vakbibliotheek

 The SpringerLink platform has a collection of full-text journals (access from 1997) and e-books published by Bohn Stafleu van Loghum. These are major journals written in Dutch about health care and allied health services. The collection also includes an archive of various reference books and the new articles found in the Jaarboek Fysiotherapie and the Informatorium van Voeding en Dietetiek.

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)

Go to Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)

 Lists a growing collection of over 10,000 Academic peer-reviewed books from 159 publishers. Freely accessible e-books, with links to their full texts on the publisher’s web site. Go to the FAQ

eBooks Collection (EBSCOhost)

Go to eBooks Collection (EBSCOhost)

 This collection contains a growing number of textbooks written in English on all subject areas and published by major publishing companies. 

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Go to InTechOpen

 Gives open access to 5 electronic journals and over 3,200 English e-books on technology, medical and biomedical sciences, management and economics.



 The Open Access Publishing in European Networks library contains more than 2,500 freely accessible academic books, mainly in the area of Humanities and Social Sciences. OAPEN works with publishers to build a quality controlled collection of Open Access books.

O'Reilly Safari

Go to O'Reilly Safari

 Digital library with approximately 39,000 e-books and +6,000 video tutorials from leading publishers in the fields of technology, digital media, technology and business. In addition to e-books and video tutorials, learning paths are also part of the digital offering. IT professionals, software developers, web designers and system administrators use O'Reilly Safari as the source for research, problem solving and certificate training. The e-books can be read online, not downloaded. The license is for unlimited use. Simultaneous search: copy URL (address bar) of found record. Log in to O'Reilly Safari and paste the URL for access. See also the semi-annual  list of removed titels.

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Go to SpringerLink

Around 55.000 ebooks, available on the SpringerLink platform.