The E-Publication Finder provides an overview of, and access to, thousands of e-journals (journals, newspapers, magazines, etc.) and e-books available through the HHs library.  

The E-Publication Finder can be searched by publication title, subject, publisher or ISSN/ISBN. After searching, you can filter on subject and type of source (material). 

The E-Publication Finder is a good source if you are looking for a specific e-journal or e-book. For example, if you are looking for a reference (book or journal title) from a literature or book list and you want to check whether there is online access. 

Please note! Searching on article level is not possible. For an advanced search and/or content search we refer to our databases, the various ebooks platforms or to Google Scholar

Browse sources 
Under the tab 'Sources' you will find all the sources from which the publications in the E-Publication Finder originate. If you click on one of the sources, you will see all titles available in that particular source.  

Browse by topic 
Under the tab "Subjects" you can get an overview of available titles by subject. Once you have chosen a topic, you can further filter on: by-experts-reviewed, sub-topic and source type. Not all publications have been assigned a subject and the subject classification is limited. For a comprehensive subject classification of academic journals, please visit

Didn't find your required publication? 
If you cannot find the publication you are looking for, or if the desired date, volume or number is not available, HHs library offers the possibility to make a request via the Interlibrary Loan (IBL) form

Are you using Firefox and is the E-Publication Finder response time too long
This is probably due to the browser settings. Here is a help text for choosing the right settings. 

Tip! It is also possible to access them via browsertools. Literature is often included in publishers' databases. If the library has access to that database, these browsertools will automatically notify you with a link to the full text of the article or e-book in the digital library.