It is possible that you experience difficulties during your studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. This may have to do with something that happens at the university or in your degree programme, but also because of your situation at home. In all cases, it is advisable to contact a student counsellor as soon as possible. He or she advises you in a personal conversation what you can do best.

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What kind of help does a student counsellor offer?

The student counsellor can provide advice on:

  • Academic progress
  • Disability and chronic illnesses
  • Financial and other arrangements for student (single or married) parents
  • Illness and family circumstances
  • Legislation and regulations
  • Personal problems
  • Student facilities
  • Study grants and the student loan system

Confidential meeting

All conversations with the student counsellor are confidential. The position of student counsellor is a position of trust and involves a confidentiality obligation. This means that no information will be provided to others without your explicit consent and knowledge. If necessary, the student counsellor can refer you to a student psychologist.

The student psychologist

The student psychologists of The Hague University of Applied Sciences offer several training courses on topics that are related to issues you might experience during your studies, such as how to deal with exam stress. They also offer individual consultations to discuss and help you tackle your problems. You can discuss anything, and whatever you choose to discuss is confidential.

What sort of issues can you see the student psychologist about?

With all sorts of problems. Be it study related problems such as fear failure in your studies orĀ procrastination. But also with problems of a more personal nature. For example: you feel down, homesick or you experience difficulty with making social connections.