Are you joining The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) as an international student? The information on this page helps you to prepare for your stay in the Netherlands. You can read about the kind of documents you will need to bring with you and other important guidelines relating to arrival formalities and settling in the Netherlands.   

Information session about arrival formalities

During your introduction week, your study program will showcase a pre-recorded PowerPoint presentation which outlines the most important information regarding formalities such as immigration and registration.

Immigration Steps 

Registration day & collecting your residence permit (if applicable)

Municipality registration
If you are going to live in The Hague, you can schedule your own appointment for registration. Via Osiris we provide you with the necessary information and link to the appointment system.

How do I know if my room is in The Hague? 
If your address/zip code contains The Hague, Den Haag or ‘s-Gravenhage, you are going to live in The Hague. Any other name indicates that you must register at another municipality.

Dutch Immigration Service (IND) 

If you have a non-EU nationality and we applied for a residence permit on your behalf, we will invite to collect your residence permit.

You will automatically receive an invitation from us. We will schedule your appointment based on the information we received from the IND; if your residence permit is ready to be collected, or if you need to provide them with biometric information.

Sometimes you need to provide biometrics in The Netherlands. For example, if the information does not come through, fingerprints are missing, or if you don’t need an entry visa (mvv sticker) and haven’t been to the embassy at all. You can then give your biometrics during an appointment in The Hague.

Health Check at the GGD The Hague 

Some non-EU students must undergo a mandatory health check. The health check consists of a Tuberculosis (TB) examination, during which your lungs will be X-rayed. You need to take the test if your nationality is not mentioned on this overview (page only available in Dutch). This health check is part of retaining your residence permit.  

If this applies to you, you will automatically receive an invitation with the exact date, time, location and overview of document(s) you need to bring. 
The GGD will charge € 50 for the TB test. The payment can only be done at the GGD and only with a Dutch bank account. You can find more information on our Opening a Dutch bank account website.  

February 2024.

Tips and Tricks

We understand that adapting to a new environment can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming. That’s why we would like to equip you with these tips to help you get off to a good start at university. And check this website out as well: Study in The Hague. 

We wish you plenty of luck and success with your studies at THUAS!