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And now the day has finally come. You are ready to begin your studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Maybe you don't know the Netherlands or The Hague that well and you still haven't met your fellow students. Pretty exciting, right? 

We certainly understand that and when everything is new, you can probably use some tips and tricks on what to do and how to be prepared for the academic year and the unpredictable Dutch weather.  

That's why we are offering you these tips to help you get off to a good start at the university. We hope you enjoy your time with us and wish you a warm welcome at The Hague University of Applied Sciences! 

Our 25 tips for a perfect start to your study!

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Tip 1 |  Get to know the Dutchies

It could be that you experienced a culture shock when you arrived in The Netherlands. Because you have noticed that we don’t wear wooden shoes, but we really do eat a lot of cheese and bread. We use our bicycle for everything and are very straight forward.  

So if you want to get to know the Dutchies: make friends with Dutch students and ask them everything you want to know about cheese, the weather and The Hague. Here are some typical Dutch sentences you could use:  

Hoe gaat het?How are you doing?
Gaat het regenen?Will it rain?
Mag ik je fiets lenen?Can I borrow your bicycle?
Waar is de supermarkt?Where is the supermarket?
Ik vond het gezellig!I had a good time!
Hoe laat gaat de tram naar Scheveningen?What time does the tram leave for Scheveningen?
Wat kost het?How much is it?
Tip 2 | Behave like a Dutchie

Once you’re in The Netherlands you will notice that the weather changes fast, one day it’s sunny and really hot, the next day it’s raining cats and dogs. Or even worse, you could have four different weather types in just one day. 

Our expert tip is check the weather forecast every day. Download a weather app and check this every morning before you leave. You could also buy a small umbrella that fits in your bag, that way you are always prepared for the rain.

Public transport

The Netherlands has an excellent public transport system. You can travel by train, tram, bus, ferry and metro. There are more than 400 railway stations, so if you like to explore more of The Netherlands the train is a good way to do so. To travel with public transport, you can pay with a contactless debit or credit card. You can also travel with an OV Chipcard. You can get an anonymous OV chipcard for 7,50 euros at the yellow ticket machines at railway stations. This is also where you can charge credits on to your OV Chipcard. In order to travel by train you need to charge at least 20 euro’s on to your OV Chipcard. The NS app is useful if you need to plan your route when travelling with the train. It shows the departure and arrival times of the trains.  If you need to transfer to other forms of public transport you can use the 9292 app to plan your route.

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Tip 3 | Participate in the introduction activities

Every academic year at The Hague University of Applied Sciences begins with an introduction. You will immediately get to know the university, the city and your fellow students.  

You will soon know who you can text if you find yourself lost in the building. All degree programmes plan their own introduction activities. The introduction is the basis for your studies at THUAS. You will find out all you need to know about your programme, timetables, systems and much more. You will receive more information from your degree programme.  

Welcome to The Hague! 

Everything you want to know about your introduction to the city of The Hague but also info on studying, living, healthcare, working and student life in The Hague can be found on the website  

To get acquainted with your new student city, join the activities of HI The Hague; the introduction programme for all students in The Hague. 

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Tip 4 | Stop by Campus Student Life & Sports  

Curious about exploring the world beyond the lecture halls?  

Stop by Campus Student Life & Sports. Here they organise all sorts of activities and can tell you everything about student sports at THUAS and in the city, study and student associations, student community, and events in and around The Hague. Do you have some fun ideas of your own? You are very welcome to join us! 

You will find Campus Student Life & Sports diagonally across from the main entrance to the main campus at Johanna Westerdijkplein 66. You can find them on Social Media as well. Check the Instagram (@campushhs) for upcoming events and fun activities. 

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Tip 5 | Join a study or student association

There is of course no obligation to join an association, but it's a great way to make new friends. Study associations are directly associated with your degree programme, whereas student associations welcome students from all kinds of degree programmes and universities.  

Study association 

By joining a study association, you will often get a discount on study books, you will exchange course knowledge with other members and you are usually assigned a study buddy.  

Student association 

Student associations come in all shapes and sizes. You can join a fun and social association, a rowing association or a student orchestra. 

There are also various international student associations and organisations, such as: Interaccess or Tribez. All associations and organisations have their own unique personality and purpose. At THUAS we have students from more than 140 countries. Make friends from all over the world and learn more about each other’s backgrounds and customs.  

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Tip 6 | Play sports at THUAS and stay in shape

Would you like to (continue) to exercise while in university? No problem!

The main campus features a fitness room and a gym hall for all kinds of different student sports activities such as yoga, boxing, Zumba and body workouts. You can play basketball, volleyball or football in the sports halls at the Zuiderpark location.

With a sports and fitness pass you have unlimited access to these activities, but also to free clinics (including pole dance, bouldering) and swimming hours in the municipality swimming pools. 

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Tip 7 | Get to work

Student life is not a cheap lifestyle. Books, tuition fees, a laptop: it all adds up! And that doesn't even include those after school happy hours or socials.  

Many international students work in bars or restaurants in The Hague and the customers are used to ordering a drink in English. It’s also common that English is used as the main language in workplaces. 

If you are looking for a job, a good place to start is the website 

If you are an international student and you want to work in addition to your studies, you need to have a work permit (TWV - tewerkstellingsvergunning), unless you are from the EU, EEA or Switzerland. 

Help out with study choice activities 

Not paid in euros, but it does look good on your resume. As an ambassador, you welcome prospective students to, for example, an Open Day or a Trial Study day. You give a tour or attend a fair. You will be paid in gift and lunch vouchers and you will get to know more fellow students. Check with your programme whether you can also receive credits for it. You can register via
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Tip 8 | Save some euros: ‘More Money = Less Problems’

Do you have some month left at the end of your money? All students occasionally suffer from this problem! What can you do to lighten your financial load? Here are some tips: 


Books are essential to your degree programme, there is little we can do about that. But it helps to not buy all books at once. Wait until you are absolutely sure which books you will need. If you have to buy books, you can often find used copies at a much lower price (just make sure you have the right edition). There are several Social Media groups, from your degree programme for instance, where older year students sell their books at an affordable price.  

Surfspot offers great student discounts on software and you can even rent laptops.  


Rent a bike via Swapfiets (the bikes with the blue front tyre) for a fixed amount per month. This fee includes maintenance. And even better: There is a Swapfiets right at our main campus. 

Too good to Go app 

Throwing away good food is a waste, right? At many shops and restaurants you can buy food that is left at the end of the day. Saved from the garbage and for a nice price. Win win. Download the Too Good to Go app and score your deal. 


The Hague is a melting pot of cultures, there are multiple international supermarkets all over the city. In Chinatown there are multiple Asian supermarkets and grocery shops. Also there are outdoor markets, they are cheaper than regular supermarkets. De Haagse Markt is the biggest outdoor market in The Netherlands, where you can find all sorts of food and other products.   

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Tip 9 | Find your student community 

At THUAS you will find students from all over the world. Do you want to get to know people from other programmes in addition to your classmates? Then you can of course become a member of a student association (see tip 5) but there are also plenty of other options at the university!  

Interaccess is the student community for and by international students from THUAS. Interaccess organises all kinds of activities so that international students can get to know each other, the city of The Hague and the Netherlands better. You can find them on social media @interaccessnl.  

CarE Network  

CarE is a network of Caribbean Dutch students who support each other in challenges such as homesickness and the Dutch language and culture. Would you like to get in touch with CarE? Send an email to: or find them on Insta: @care_hhs.  


The Gender and Sexuality Alliance of THUAS is a queer community aiming to create a safe space for everyone to be themselves and connect with other people. The GSA is open to students of all faculties. Follow them on Insta for the latest news: @gsa.thuas. 

The Wellbees 

The Wellbees are students from various degree programmes who dedicate themselves to addressing and enhancing student wellbeing at THUAS. The Wellbees organise various activities to make (mental) wellbeing discussable and inform fellow students about the support offered by the university. They not only offer a sympathetic ear and a helping hand but also share their own student stories with you. How do they do this? Stop by the Wellbee Corner at Ovaal 1 in front of to the Student Services desk and find out. 

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Tip 10 | Make sure that you know how everything works

As a student you always need to know a lot of information. About your examination schedule, timetable changes, events at school, news and much more.  

Student Portal 

This is the intranet for students at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Log in with the username and password that we have provided to you. Use the Student Portal to check your annual schedule and exam dates, read the charters and statutes and review the education plans and study guide. Under Services you will find all information on student services and support at THUAS, like the student counsellor, IT facilities and what to do in the event of an evacuation.  Check ‘Degree Programme News‘ to find out about class cancellations or timetable changes. The THUAS calendar provides a useful overview of all events in and around THUAS. Via the Student Portal you can conveniently access information services such as Brightspace and Osiris. 


Brightspace is the digital learning environment at THUAS. It contains information about your study assignments, block information, documents and more. Access Brightspace via the Student Portal homepage or directly:  


Osiris is where you register for exams, check your grades and see how your study is progressing. 

Here you will also find personal information, such as which class you are enrolled in and your student number. 

Student app 

Are you very attached to your phone and prefer to check timetables and grades on your device? Then download the MyTHUAS student app (mijnHHSstudentenapp) for Android or iOS. All THUAS students receive their digital student card in the app. 

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Tip 11 | Follow THUAS on social media

Want to stay up to date on everything that's happening in and around the university?  
Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

We show you what students and employees do at and outside the university. Students also give a peek into their student life and you can discover which events we organise.

Nearly all degree programmes at THUAS have their own Instagram account. And would you like to stay informed about (sports) activities and student events at THUAS? Then follow the socials of Campus Student Life & Sports @campushhs

Are you active on social media and want to share your great ideas? Would you like to help us plan content for our social media channels or do a take-over on Instagram? Send a message with your contact information to

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Illustratie international office

Tip 12| Visit the International Office

The  International Office of THUAS can help you out with all non-academic matters and questions you might have as an international student. They can assist you in arranging practical matters such as your accommodation in The Hague, residence permits and insurance.  

The International Office is located at the Student Services Desk in Ovaal 1.10 of the main campus of THUAS.  

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Tip 13 | Know where to go with questions

If everything is new, you probably have questions and then it is useful to know who to turn to.   

Your degree programme   
If you have any questions about your study, planning, the curriculum or personal matters then you can contact your study career counsellor. Questions about grades, timetables, and registration for exams can be submitted to the Front Office of your faculty.   
Student Services Desk   

You can go here with all your questions about Student Services at the university; registration, admission, tuition fees, choice of study, accommodation, student counsellors and psychologists. You will find the Student Services Desk in the main building on the first floor in Ovaal 1.10.   

Front Office FZ&IT  
Questions about your student account, Campus card, printing and copying or borrowing technical equipment? You can contact the FZ&IT Front Office for this. In the main campus  -the Ovaal building on the first floor (1.67) and on the Sports Campus on the first floor (D1.2924).  

The Wellbee Corner 

The place where you can meet new fellow students, exchange experiences, and get information about THUAS support offerings. 

Every day, Wellbees are present in the Wellbee Corner between 12:00 - 2:00 PM. Ask for directions, answer the weekly wellbeing question, share your unique student story, and join in fun games. Location: Ovaal 1 in front of the Student Services desk 

Infographic Who can help you with what? 

THUAS has a handy digital infographic that shows you exactly which questions you can ask where. Check out the infographic on the student portal! 

Also check TIP 14: Use the helplines.

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Tip 14 | Use the helplines

Feeling down? Doubts? Illness? Or something else? There are many things that can interfere with your studies. Sometimes you just need someone to listen, to help you or give you some advice. We are here for you at THUAS with people you can turn to for help or advice.  

Student counsellor  

As a student you may encounter problems, at home or at the university, that you cannot solve alone. Or you may fall behind in your studies, because of an illness or other circumstances. Perhaps you have money issues or questions? In these and other cases, you are welcome to contact your student counsellor.   

Student psychologist 

If you have more personal problems, you can contact a student psychologist. The student psychologist will help you think through and deal with your problems. You can discuss anything, and whatever you choose to discuss is confidential. You can decide together what help is best for you. 

Study & Career Centre  

What if you discover in your first year that you would rather study something else? The study advisors can help you choose another degree programme and professional career. They offer testing as well as the possibility to meet you in person. The Study & Career Centre is located at the Student Services Desk at the main campus, Ovaal 1.10.  

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Illustratie rolstoel

Tip 15 | Let us know how we can help you if you have a support question

Could you use a little help during your study? Because you have dyslexia or ADHD? Or maybe because you play professional sports? 

Studying with support needs 

THUAS offers many facilities and arrangements to accommodate students with support needs. To get a good start, schedule an appointment as quickly as possible with the student counsellor of your programme. Together you will review which facilities and arrangements you require to enable or facilitate your studies. Arrangements may include extra time to write an exam, extra counselling, but also the use of an adapted resting space.  

Professional sports 

As a professional athlete you might have questions about combining your sports with your studies. You can contact the student counsellor to request special study facilities, for example the opportunity to take remote classes. 

Student network 

THUAS also has a network for and by students that advocates on behalf of the interests of students with support needs. You can reach them via

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Tip 16 | Speak up if you disagree (with us)

We of course hope that everything runs smoothly, but it is still useful to know where to go if you disagree with something.  

Legal Protection Desk  

What if you find that you have been negatively affected by a decision by the university? In this case, you can submit an objection, an appeal or a complaint at the Legal Protection Desk. Of course, it’s not necessary to file an objection or an appeal for every disagreement. You can often resolve the situation by talking to the person who made the decision.  

Student ombudsperson  

If you have submitted an appeal or objection to the Legal Protection Desk, you can appeal to the ombudsperson. The ombudsperson can assist you, answer your questions and mediate.  

(Sexual) transgressive behavior  
The Hague University of Applied Sciences strives for a safe and pleasant study environment for all students. This does not include undesirable behavior. Yet undesirable behavior can occur. If you are dealing with undesirable behavior, you can contact one of the confidential advisors.  

Stagepunt (Internship point) – for equal internship opportunities  
Do you have trouble finding an internship, even when you’re 100% committed? The Internship point is here to help. Mail to for tips or to schedule an appointment. More information can be found on the student portal.  

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Tip 17 | Make yourself heard  

THUAS is always looking for students who want to make their voices heard. You can do this by completing university-wide surveys such as '100 days at The Hague University of Applied Sciences' and the 'National Student Survey', but there are more options.  

Participation councils  

Would you like to have a say and participate in decisions about your own degree programme, but also about important developments and the university's policy? Then a participation council might be something for you. For example, you can become a student member of the programme committee, faculty council or university council.  

Student panel  

Would you like to think about the choices of The Hague University of Applied Sciences and earn a voucher?  

Then become a member of the student panel After 3 surveys you will already have a voucher worth €15.  

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Illustratie bibliotheek

Tip 18 | Use the library

Now that you are a student here you may sometimes feel you live in the library. A quiet oasis or a relaxed spot to study with a partner.  

The library offers a large (digital) collection of literature, newspapers and magazines. You will also find plenty of work areas with comfortable chairs so you can concentrate on studying. The use of the library is free and the facility in the main building is even open in the evening and on weekends. 

Digital Library 

In addition to the workplaces and paper collection, we have a very extensive digital collection. Please consult our website 
Here you will also find the reading list for your programme. 

H Library app 

If you want to know quickly whether a book is available, you can use the Library App. You can also set that you receive an alert when the lending period has almost expired. The Library app can be downloaded for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).  

Do you have questions or want help finding the right sources? Contact us via  

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Tip 19 | Take advantage of the IT facilities

Are you 'old school' when it comes to taking notes and prefer to use pen and paper? But sometimes you need to use a computer? Or perhaps you didn't feel like bringing your laptop? No worries. THUAS features several work stations with desktop computers. You will find these in the library, at the computer labs or in the Study Plaza.  

Frontoffice FZ&IT 

At the Frontoffice FZ&IT they are happy to help you with all IT related questions. Here you can borrow audiovisual equipment if for example, you need to shoot a video for a class. In the iFrontoffice self-service portal you will find  manuals and you can submit requests. 

You are also welcome with any questions about your Campus card

Forgot your password 

Did you stay up all night to meet a deadline? Are you so tired you cannot even remember your password? Then visit the Frontoffice FZ&IT. 

The Frontoffice Facilities & IT is located in the main campus at the Ovaal on the first floor (1.69) and on the first floor of the Sports Campus (D1.2924, at the ‘tennisballenbalie’). 

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Tip 20 | Don't go hungry

Feeling hangry? We all experience this from time to time. We know it's impossible to concentrate on an empty stomach. You will be happy to know that each campus offers at least one or more food providers and vending machines packed with hot drinks, soft drinks and snacks to satisfy any craving. 

The main campus offers several food providers. The central restaurant features the largest variety of food. Here you will find halal meals, hot meals, deluxe sandwiches, as well as fruit and salads. For a quick and healthy bite, go to the Salad & Sandwich counter next to the central restaurant. There is also a lunch restaurant in building Slinger, on the third floor; The Bridge. And for the icing on the cake, head to café WEST75 next to the main entrance. Fed up with vending machine coffee? This is the place for delicious lattes and cappuccinos. In the main building you can only pay with your campus card or debit card. 

Campus Zuiderpark has a restaurant on the ground floor of the Sports campus. The restaurant serves healthy sandwiches and salads. At night, you can also eat a fresh meal here. Payment is only by debit card. 

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Illustratie Lighthouse

Tip 21 | Check out what’s happening at the debate center The Lighthouse 

Did you know that THUAS has its own debate center? The Lighthouse regularly organises inspiring lectures with well-known writers and politicians. There are also debates, exhibitions, film festivals and podcasts on the agenda throughout the year. 

And that is not all! The Lighthouse also has clubs you can join, whether you're into books, movies or art. And the great thing is that you meet people who are just as enthusiastic about these things as you are. 

The Lighthouse prefers to organise all these activities together with students, teachers and researchers. Activities that make you think and that start a conversation about social and political issues, the world and the future. 

All activities are free and open to all students at THUAS, also if you study in Delft, Zoetermeer or at our location in the Zuiderpark! Check 

Would you like to know more? 

Tip 22 | How to study successfully

Studying in higher education and in completely new surroundings will take some getting used to. You will have to organise, find out and plan things yourself. And what is the best approach for you? How do you plan your study for instance or how do you tackle projects?  

Luckily, the academic career coach/ mentor of your degree programme can help you with any questions concerning your studies. In addition, THUAS offers free practical courses and workshops for students on different topics, like how to deal with stress or how to motivate yourself. 

Under the Services button on the student portal you will find an overview of all support and services to help you study successfully at The Hague University of Applied Sciences! 

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Tip 23 | Work on your skills

Do you want to work on your skills? You can! THUAS offers a wide range of training courses and workshops for all students on all kinds of subjects. And it is free too..   

Personal development   

Everyone has a quality they want to work on. Maybe you are someone who has to do everything at the last minute because you have put it off for too long or would you like to be a little more assertive? You can sign up for a workshop like ‘Assertiveness’, 'Mindfulness' or 'Handling homesickness'. All for free. You can register online via services on the student portal. 

Writing Centre  

If you could use some guidance with a writing assignment, you are welcome at the Writing Centre. There you can set up a meeting with a writing coach about any text you are required to write for your programme. The coach can help you for instance with the general outline of your text or how to incorporate feedback you have received. Perhaps you want to turn a failed mark into a pass, or you simply want to write the best possible text.  

Study & Career Centre   

Are you unsure whether you have chosen the right study or are you just not sure what you want? The Study & Career Centre offers workshops & training to find out what suits you best. 

Would you like to know more?  

Tip 24 | Carefully review all information

We understand that you may have more questions. About issues that are not directly related to your studies, but that would be useful to know. So we have some more information for you.  


There are two major holiday periods. The summer holiday and Christmas holiday. During the other holidays that you might have been used to, such as the autumn break, there will be no classes. But please keep in mind that you need this time to study for exams or to complete projects. During those breaks you can still use the library or study areas.  


THUAS consists of four different locations: the main campus at Johanna Westerdijkplein, the Sports Campus in Zuiderpark, the Delft campus and the Zoetermeer campus. Want to know how to get there? Plan your travel route ahead of time. This will also tell you how late you can sleep in. 

Difficult terminology 

BSA, ECTS, Major, Minor and EEA. Do you get dizzy from all these code names? Don't worry, you are not the first one. That is why we have created a nice online overview that clearly explains everything. Take your time to review these so that you don't feel like: ‘What are these people talking about?’ 

Do you still have questions after reading these tips? Stop by the Student Services Desk in Ovaal 1.10 of the main campus of THUAS. They are happy to help you out! 

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Tip 25 | Favourites

Our final tip: add this page to your favourites so you can get back to the tips when you need them! 

And do you have a tip for us? Always welcome! Send your tip to 

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