For your next step at THUAS preparing a budget is crucial to ensure that all your costs are covered for your university life. Effective budgeting will not only help you anticipate the average monthly cost of living, but it will also help you avoid undesirable financial circumstances.

Types of costs 

Listed below is an outline of the approximate expenses that you may incur at THUAS during your stay in the Netherlands.

  • Housing
    Housing will constitute your highest monthly expense. Depending on the type of accommodation you select, you could pay anywhere between €475 to €800 per month on rent. Please note that housing costs are generally considered to be higher in the Netherlands than elsewhere in Europe. Rooms with shared facilities often range between €475 to €600 a month, while apartments and studios with single occupancy begin at approximately €600 monthly. Planning your budget heavily depends on how much you are willing to spend on accommodation during your time at THUAS. 
    For more practical information on accommodation, please refer to our housing page.  
  • Tuition fees
    There is considerable difference between the statutory tuition fee of just over €2,500 per year and the institutional fee of over €9,500 per year. Check which fee you’ll be required to pay on our tuition fee page.  
  • Non-academic related costs
    Besides tuition and accommodation fees, there are other monthly costs to take into consideration like extra-curricular  activities. Obviously, student needs vary individually, but the following approximate costs will give a good estimation: 
     - groceries: €190
     - study materials and other school-related necessities: €50
     - public transportation: €70
     - leisure activities, such as sports, nightlife, etc.: €120
     - clothing and shoes: €70
     - Dutch health insurance costs: €130 (for EU students with employment in the Netherlands) 
     - mobile phone: €20

Immigration requirements

If you are a national of a country outside the European Union (EU) and/or the European Economic Area (EEA), THUAS must apply for your Dutch residence permit, and the Dutch immigration authorities require that you have sufficient financial means to support yourself. THUAS requires that you pay a package fee that includes a payment of around € 14,615 for living expenses. We will refund this amount once you have opened a Dutch bank account. It is assumed that this sum should be enough to get by on for one academic year, and you will see from your spending habits if this is indeed the case. Please note that you will need to show proof of sufficient financial means before the start of each academic year.

Read more detailed information on the package fee & important immigration guidelines

Plan beyond the first year

Of course, we hope that your studies will be smooth sailing. However, things might not quite go as planned, and you might need an extra year or two to graduate. Therefore, we ask you to ensure that you and/or your family possess sufficient financial means to cover the entire duration of your study/stay in the Netherlands.
Although you may become financially active and independent, it is a good idea to ensure that you are able to cover your expenses without a part-time job. Only take a part-time job if you have the capacity to work on the side of your study.
Should you encounter financial strains during your study, THUAS will not be able to help you financially. If money really runs out, sometimes the only option is to return to your own country. Therefore planning and budgeting will help you minimize this risk.