Translating into Society

The connection between research and practice is important in universities of applied sciences research. Discuss with your partners in practice how you can best translate the research into practice.

Altmetrics & impact factor

However, the traditional metrics sometimes miss the mark. Like clubs of friends who give each other points by quoting each other or, as a researcher, publishing every slight change in an article as a new article to increase the publication score. There are also researches that are not published because they are not spectacular enough.

Particularly in the case of open access journals, but also in traditional journals, alternative forms of impact determination, also known as "altmetrics", are increasingly being considered when determining the impact of articles. Think for example of the number of downloads of an article, the number of views and the number of mentions on social media like blogs, Twitter, Facebook or in tools like Mendeley. This also partly highlights the social impact of research, an important aspect of practice-oriented research.

Example 1 and example 2 of alternative metrics.

As a rule, however, these altmetrics are displayed per article. Comparing several articles would give an impression of the alternative impact of a journal. And there is also something to be said for almetrics.

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