Project C-SIDE, which stands for Cyber Security by Integrated Design, is a collaborative initiative involving Leiden University, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the NCSC, Surf, and LUMC. The primary objective of C-SIDE is to develop a methodology for designing secure software systems. This approach will integrate the non-technical aspects of cyber security into the traditional technically led approach to ensure greater security from the start. Examples of these non-technical aspects that influence software development are human behavior, team structures, human resource management, security and reliability culture, and the financial budgets within organizations.


The market is flooded with insecure products that pose numerous security challenges. Although ‘Security by Design’ has become a buzzword in the cybersecurity community, there is a notable lack of consensus regarding its actual meaning and practical application. Nevertheless, the concept of integrating cybersecurity measures from the outset shows great promise and has the potential to save organizations significant costs and headaches.


Project C-SIDE is an interdisciplinary project, bringing together researchers from a variety of fields including computer science, political science, philosophy, criminology, and legal studies. Through close collaboration, we are integrating our various areas of expertise into a comprehensive Security by Integrated Design methodology.

Research Group Risk Management & Cyber Security

Within the research group Risk Management & Cyber Security, PhD Candidate Jasmijn Boeken is conducting research for project C-SIDE. Her research focuses on the governance of private organizations. By adopting an ethical approach, she is developing a cybersecurity strategy based on stakeholder theory and the ethics of care. This model will aid boards in their decision-making regarding cybersecurity including the successful implementation of Security by Integrated Design. Additionally, the Risk Management group will conduct applied research on the topic of Security by Integrated Design and its deployment in healthcare facilities, particularly hospitals.