More insight into migration in The Hague; Over the next three years, the municipality of The Hague and the Center of Expertice Governance of Urban Transitions will work together on this through a joint research agenda on migration and local policy. The aim is to better understand how certain migration flows shape the city and what (policy) challenges this entails. The Hague is a very diverse city, about 57% of the population has a migration background. Cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam also have similarly diverse populations. This leads to various research and policy questions. Instead of short-term research, we will collaborate structurally through this joint agenda, building on previous knowledge and insights with the aim of generating and sharing knowledge that is relevant to policy practice. For the first year of research, questions around housing and work will be investigated, with a focus on how Ukrainian displaced persons and Central and Eastern European migrant workers are faring on these themes. Among Central and Eastern European migrant workers, the focus is on the two largest groups in The Hague: people with a Polish and a Bulgarian background.

In connection with education and the city 

We will not tackle our research in the research agenda alone. In the first place we would like create a connection with education by involving students in the research process. This allows them to gain relevant knowledge of practice-oriented research and we can gain new insights from the students themselves. We also want to involve organisations that are active in the city on migration in our research. In any case, the joint research agenda runs from September '23 to August '26. The research team consists of: Ibtissam Abaaziz, Anita Ham, Denise Jonker, Stefanie Schuddebeurs and is overseen by lecturer of Urban Social Development Katja Rusinovic. Three students from the International Public Policy and Public Administration and Government Management programmes will also link their graduation projects to this.


For more information about this project please contact: Katja Rusinovic, Professor Urban Social Development, The Hague University of Applied Sciences.