The Hague University of Applied Sciences is actively working on increasing success rate of students. Being able to complete the studies successfully is desirable for both the students and the university of applied sciences. Study drop-out has short and long term negative financial consequences for all parties involved. To increase the chance of study success, it is important to identify the causes of failure. The Data Science research group investigates whether the educational background of students has a relationship with whether or not they successfully complete the programme.

The Data Science research group has started this research project at the International Business programme. The emphasis was to find out whether there is a link between the educational background of the students and the first year study success of the bachelor programme International Business. Moreover, if that connection is indeed there, what are the specific factors that influence study success in the first year? For the International Business programme, students prior knowledge on Mathematics and Economics turned out to be good indicators to predict students’ study success in the first year of the programme.


Based on this result, the programme can now consider making adjustments to the recruitment policy of students. In addition, the researchers will continue their research at other programmes within The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Hopefully, these results can also help to make adjustments and thus increase the study success of the students.


This project will run until March 2022.


Students’ Success A Study About How Academic and Personal Background of the Students Can Affect Their Success in the First Year Bachelor of the International Business Bachelor
H Al-Ers, V Yilmaz, J Lengkeek, M Syoufi, X Peng

Student Success Prediction in International Business
M Brinkman, W van Velzen, H Al-Ers, C Beyers, X Peng


Dr. Xiao Peng