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At THUAS Pro, our commitment to a hands-on approach extends to all our postgraduate courses, including the Big Data Analyst programme. Focused on practical, results-driven research, this program delves into the core of data analytics, aligning with the belief that "Data is the new gold."

In today's dynamic landscape, organizations grapple with unlocking value from vast internal and external data. The demand for skilled professionals in this field is higher than ever. Our postgraduate Big Data Analyst programme equips you, as a data analyst, to play a pivotal role in organizations embracing a data-driven ethos.

The acquired knowledge and skills are not theoretical – they are immediately applicable. What you learn on Friday, you implement on Monday. Through hands-on exposure to cutting-edge tools and techniques, you'll learn to transform large datasets into actionable insights.

Given the rapidly evolving realm of data analytics, we annually evaluate this program with students and our advisory committee to ensure its relevance. This dedication guarantees that our curriculum stays current and aligned with industry trends.

Is this the right fit for you? 

No matter your professional background – be it in marketing, fintech, supermarket chain procurement, ministry administration, or education – our program accommodates a range of diverse professions. If you possess a keen interest in data and hold a bachelor's degree, we are here to guide you on your journey to realizing your aspirations as a data analyst.

Ready for your next career move? Join us in shaping the future of data analysis.

Admission requirements

Admission criteria

More information or enrol directly?
View the enrolment conditions

For more information or to apply directly?

More information or apply immediately? 

Check the enrolment conditions or apply immediately: 

  1. Register your enrolment in Osiris, our enrolment system.
  2. Upload digital copies of your CV, relevant diplomas and lists of grades.  You will hear whether you meet the admission requirements after 2 to 4 weeks.
  3. Optional: intake interview. Have you not attended relevant prior education, but do you have a higher professional education work and thinking level? During an intake interview, the programme manager will assess whether you are sufficiently qualified for the degree programme in question. Within 2 weeks after the interview, you’ll be told whether you can start.
  4. If your employer pays for your studies, we will ask you for a completed employer's statement. You can print out and upload this PDF. You will receive confirmation by e-mail that you have been admitted to the degree programme. Invoicing will follow after the start, but the employer’s statement must be in before the start of degree programme. You can upload a blank sheet if you don't manage to get the employer's statement signed immediately.

Why this programme?

  • In your work, you are dealing with data analysis and you want additional training.
  • You want to switch careers towards (big) data analytics.
  • You are curious about information hidden in data.
  • You want to keep abreast of current developments in the field of data analytics.

In the 21st century, organizations accumulate vast amounts of data from both internal and external sources. This surge in data underscores the growing need for specialists capable of extracting value from this influx of data. Our postgraduate Big Data Analyst programme helps you to dive into a spectrum of tools designed to transform raw data into valuable insights. Through hands-on experience, you'll gain a understanding of analyzing and visualizing data, including social media analytics or information sourced from your company's ERP system. Utilizing the widely acclaimed open-source program R, a global favorite in the data realm, we equip you with the skills to navigate and leverage data effectively.

Your investment 

How much money and time will you be investing?

 Start date5 September 2024
Duration9 months
LessonsEvery week on Mondays (18:00 - 21:00)
Time investment11 to 16 hours per week (5 to 10 hours of self-study)
Cost in one payment€ 7.250
Cost in instalments€ 7.500
Money for books€ 50

*You do not have to pay VAT on this course. Your organisation can claim the cost of this training in full as a business expense.

Help in choosing your study

We are happy to assist you with a study choice that fits both your interests and your schedule.

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Visit our information sessions

Monday 17 June

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Students have their say

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Content of the study programme

The Post-graduate Big Data Analyst covers the following topics:

Work formats

Blended learning
All courses offered by THUAS Pro are provided in a blended format. This means that the programme is attended physically and can be converted to online education subject to specific circumstances. Personal attention, quality and practicality are at the heart of each training course. 

A customised solution
All courses can also be followed in company. Do you prefer a learning path that perfectly suits your organisation's needs? We are happy to discuss the options we can provide for a customised solution. Please contact us for the possibilities.

The result 

When you have successfully completed the post-graduate programme: 

  • you will receive a valuable post-graduate certificate from The Hague University of Applied Sciences;
  • at an operational level you will be able play a role in the transition from a traditional to a data-driven organisation;
  • within your organisation, you will be an expert discussion partner in the field of big data analytics.
  • You can progress to the MBA Big Data Analytics at a discounted rate and transfer credits.

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