Week 12

Databases guide for the faculty Business, Finance & Marketing

The A-Z databases / digital sources list of the library consist of circa 125 databases and sources. How do you know which of these databases and sources are the most relevant to your study programme? Use the databases guide for the faculty BFM: Database guide BFM.

A lot of information useful for your study programme is included in databases of publishers or in digital sources of reputable organisations. The library offers access to a large number of selected databases and digital sources. The quality and relevance of the information in these databases and sources, in contrast to the information you find via Google, has been checked in advance and therefore reliable. Because the library focuses on all THUAS study programmes when selecting, this results in a long list.

The databases guide for the faculty Business, Finance & Marketing contains those databases and sources relevant to the study programmes belonging to this faculty and so focusing on the main pillars of business, economics and marketing.

The guide consists of three clear lists:

  1. Essential databases and sources such as Business Source Ultimate and Euromonitor Passport
  2. Other important databases and sources such as O'Reilly and Taylor & Francis Online
  3. General/multidisciplinary databases and sources also relevant such as Academic Search Ultimate and OpenAIRE

Are you looking for information to include in your student assignments? Then start with the essential databases and sources and, depending on whether you need more information, continue with the databases and sources from lists 2 and 3.

The database guide contains also information on databases and sources focused on special types of information and information about tools you can use to easily find the full text of a publication.

A short, easy-to-remember link has been created for the databases guide: bit.ly/databasesguide-bfm

The databases guide provides insight into which databases and sources are relevant. You can access the databases and sources via the A-Z list: http://thuas.com/databases. This A-Z list contains an short  description for each database or source. Read this description to optimise your choice of which database or source to want to use. In this way the databases guide and the A-Z list complement each other in your search for the best information.