Lean Library renewed


Lean Library is a tool for seamless access to full-text content anywhere. The revamped browser extension is now available for Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox and Chrome and, later this year, also for Safari. The tool is now faster, more streamlined and it is easier to customize your own settings. Select The Hague University of Applied Sciences and read the onboarding information.

If you are already using Lean Library, the tool is updated automatically. But if not, you can manually update the extension to the latest version. Besides Lean Library, the library recommends using two other full-text access tools, LibKey Nomad and EndNote Click. On all THUAS computers and laptops, these tools are already installed in Microsoft Edge.

Where to order reading list books?


Ordering books can be done through several options:
1. Facebook page of program (where students offer used books)
2. Indexbooks (THUAS library book supplier)
3. Other commercial platforms such as book suppliers



Most databases require logging in via EZproxy for off-campus access. To increase security, logging in to EZproxy is now done via SURFconext. The first time you use this, you will see a screen to give permission to forward your login details.