Trial Study Days 30 November and 1 December

Come and experience what a degree programme is like during our Trial Study Days on 30 November and/or 1 December. You can register now for your preferred degree programme(s).

How to register for our Trial Study Days

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If the degree programme of your preference is missing, it means that this programme does not currently offer Trial Study Days. Check this page for updates or contact the programme.

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Every degree programme organises its own Trial Study Days. Check the Trial Study Days programme for your degree programme so you can prepare yourself for the Trial Study Days.

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Questions and answers

What are Trial Study Days? 

The Trial Study Days are customised to your interests. This means that you do not attend regular classes, but classes that the lecturers have created to give you a good idea about the degree programme. This gives you a good introduction to the various types of classes, such as lectures. The days usually take place at the campus where you can follow the degree programme, sometimes also online. As with the Shadow a Student day, the Trial Study Days are also free of charge.  

What is the difference between Trial Study Days and Shadow A Student?

Trial Study Days are all about giving you a taste of the degree programme. You sit with other prospective students, and you get an impression of what you can expect in an academic year in an accessible way. Trial Study Days are at set times during the year. 

On a 'Shadow A Student day', you join a student from the degree programme during a standard study day. This way you really experience what the degree programme is like and spend the day with students who are already following the degree programme. You can immediately ask about their experiences and sample the atmosphere. A Shadow A Student day can take place on any day of the academic year, depending on when it is convenient for you and the student.   

When is the right time to register for Trial Study Days? 

You have read through the degree programme texts on our website, perhaps visited an Open Day or an information evening, and now you think: but what can I really expect from the degree programme? What are the lessons like? And in what types of rooms? Then it's the perfect moment to register for Trial Study Day or Shadow A Student. Even if you are in unsure about which of the degree programmes to choose, attending Trial Study Days and/or Shadow A Student can help you decide. Most of the students who register are in the last or penultimate year of their secondary school.  

When will the next Trial Study Days take place?

Not able to attend the Trial Study Days this time? No problem! You can join one of our other Trial Study Days on Tuesday 19 March 2024 or Wednesday 20 March 2024 or book a personal guided tour. Or experience our university online by watching these programme’s videos, recordings of earlier webinars or following a virtual tour through our campuses.