The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) supports the combination of studies and sports – especially for those who practice their sport on a national or international level. Often, those involved in top sports are used to planning their affairs effectively from a young age and generally manage to continue their top-level sports "as normal" alongside their studies. Nevertheless, combining studies and top sports can on occasion lead to challenges. For this reason, The Hague University of Applied Sciences offers a number of facilities.

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What are top sports(wo)men?

The NOC*NSF describes top sports(wo)men as those who compete in competitions at the highest level (i.e. European and World Championships, Olympic and Para-Olympic Games). The NOC*NSF ascribes sports(wo)men a status, such as: A or B status or that of "High Potential". Sports(wo)men with an A or B status are those who ended up in the top 8 or 16 at a World Championships or Olympic Games. In principle this relates to individual sportsmen, but you can also get this sort of status in a team sport.

In addition to these categories, The Hague University of Applied Sciences has added the category "national and international top sports(wo)men" for those who do not have the abovementioned status but who may nevertheless be eligible for certain facilities. They are at least sports(wo)men who are involved in sports at the highest national level, such as eredivisie (top league) or first division of a sports association recognised by the NOC*NSF. They must devote at least 15 hours (on average) per week to their sports.

How can I apply?

Are you a top sports(wo)men at an (inter)national level? Do you have an NOC*NSF status and/ or do you compete in a national team in international sports events? Then you can apply for special (study)facilities via the student counsellor’s Top Sports coordinator Niels Emonts. You can schedule an intake via this link (please make sure you choose the correct location; main campus or Sports campus).