Degree programme presentations

In these videos our lecturers and students provide clear and concise chapters with overviews of the degree programme. Students also share their experiences with the degree programme. Each video is around 15-20 minutes. 

Short videos about the degree programmes

Do you want to learn more about a degree programme in a few minutes? The following degree programmes offer this opportunity: 

Webinars of earlier Open Days

Below you can watch earlier online sessions organised by degree programmes prior to the Open Day. These sessions are usually 1 hour. 

    • European Studies - full-time
    • Industrial Design Engineering - full-time
    • International and European Law - full-time
    • International Business - full-time
    • International Communication Management - full-time
    • International Financial Management & Control - full-time
    • International Public Policy and Leadership - full-time
    • Process & Food Technology - full-time
    • Safety and Security Management Studies - full-time
    • Sport Studies | International Sport Management - full-time
    • User Experience Design - full-time