All those organised programmes and Open Days are fun and informative, but you want to know what it’s really like to study at our university of applied sciences. Why not spend the day together with a current student of the study you are considering? The perfect hands-on experience! Register for our shadowing programme. It doesn't cost anything.

What to expect from a Shadow A Student Day? 

Shadowing means that you are paired up with a student for the day for a behind-the-scenes look at the programme. You attend classes together with the student during a regular school day. This is not a custom programme, so you may find yourself in the middle of a block and, consequently, do not understand the material. No reason to worry. After all, you’re only here for the day and have not prepared for the lectures. The purpose of shadowing is to show you what a typical day is like in reality. You can see how students interact with one another and who the lecturers are.

Who can register for a day with a student?

If this is your final examination year or second-to-last year and you have already attended an Open Day (even if it was at a different university of applied sciences but for the same study), you can sign up to shadow a current student.

Contact the programmes

If you have questions for our programmes, you can contact the lecturers and students. The contact details can be found under the practical information at our programme pages.

Participating programmes

These programmes offer an online Day with a student starting from november: