Customized work & individual professional advice

For pre-PhD researchers, starting and senior researching teachers, lectors and project managers there are (individual) learning arrangements both within and outside THUAS. You can reach Max Aangenendt and Froukje Jellema for more information via or

Masterclass Rules & Regulations for researchers

During the Masterclass Rules & Regulations for Researchers participants are engaged in the new legislative initiatives and rules that are important for the design, data collection, analysis and reporting of research. Topics such as copyright, privacy GDPR, open access, BKO for practice oriented research and the Dutch Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.  

Course building blocks for practice oriented research

This course is aimed for senior researchers that have the task to utilize external sources of funding. The course consists of five modules that follow the research trajectory: project proposal, strategic networking, articulation of the research question and valorization, research design and project leadership. This annual course is executed in cooperation with thirteen universities of applied sciences and SIA. Reach Max Aangenendt for more information via

Strategic use of human resources & team development 

These are some programs that everyone on THUAS can apply for based on development of the research groups and Centre’s of Expertise.

Online training Open Access publishing

When knowledge is shared freely, it has greater impact. This is why, as a university of applied sciences, we publish our research results as much as possible via open access. The Executive Board has laid this down in the publication policy. Open access publishing means making your publication available to everyone online without restrictions. It offers benefits to all. By sharing our research results, we contribute to the necessary developments and improvements. In companies, society and our own education. During the Open Access Publishing training you will learn all the ins and outs of publishing in open access. It takes a total of one hour to go through all the modules. Afterwards you can download a certificate of completion. Go directly to the training via this link. You have to create a one-off account. The training was developed by the library, you can find more information on the library website. 

Online training Research Data Management

Good research requires responsible data management. This means that research data are carefully stored and managed according to the applicable legal requirements, conditions and guidelines. But also that research data are made freely available for reuse as widely and as early as possible. The basic principle is: "as open as possible, as closed as necessary". Your research data thus comply with the FAIR principle (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable). Applying good data management will make you an efficient and effective researcher. In doing so, you demonstrate compliance with the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity that applies to all practice-oriented research at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The online training Research Data Management training covers the most important benefits and concepts, you will learn about the content of a data management plan and you will view all research phases from the perspective of security, sustainability and openness of research data. This division into research phases makes it possible to adapt the training to your own research process and thus to spread the total duration of 3.5 hours. A total of four certificates can be obtained. Three partial certificates belonging to a cluster of examination phases and a final certificate. Go directly to the training via this link. You have to create a one-off account. The training was developed by the library, you can find more information on the library website.