THUAS (pre-)PhD-peer-Network

This is a learning network for employees that are involved in a (pre-)PhD trajectory. Let us know if you want to be kept up to date of events pr access to the shared teamspage via

Information can be asked of Max Aangenendt;, Froukje Jellema en Juliet van Viersen - secretaris promotiecommissie:

THUAS of graduation coördinators

This network brings together colleagues that work in study programs that are responsible for the effort and quality for the graduation process. Topics are the connection between education and research and the quality of guidance and appreciation. Do you want to be on the mailing list in order to be invited when there is an event? Subscribe via iLearn. Further information can be provided by Tim Hoppen:

PitStop methode for pop-up networks

The 4*4 PitStop is a method for pop-up learning network of a maximum 4 meetings that can characterized as a workplace. Earlier editions were on didactics, researching capacity, interdisciplinary minors, Tech4Health and strategic networking. Do you have an idea on a PitStop about a topic or do you want to use this method? Contact us via

More networks

Are you curious about learning networks? Or would you like to start one? Let us know via