Vitality and health from young to old is an important theme for the Delta region of Leiden, The Hague and Rotterdam. The aging population and increased burden on care are a cause for concern. The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, University of Applied Sciences Leiden and Inholland University of Applied Sciences are working together to share knowledge and skills in the research programme ‘Vitale Delta’. They want to undertake steps to strengthen people’s resilience and ownership and create a healthy environment for residents in the region. 

In addition to contributing to society, the research findings are also interesting for the professional field and education. Researchers share their findings in online and offline meetings, publications and newsletters. The findings are also incorporated in the education modules to train students with the latest knowledge and most recent developments.

Vitale Delta theme

A total of 19 research groups, including Healthy Lifestyle in a Supporting Environment and Urban Ageing of The Hague University of Applied Sciences are joining forces in the following work packages:

  1. Supported vitality: care technology 
  2. Physical vitality: exercise in the neighbourhood 
  3. Social vitality: an integrated neighbourhood approach 
  4. Self vitality: self management (support) and vital professionals

The work method within these work packages is based on a co-creation process with citizens, clients, patience and professionals. The research also contributes to innovations for society and allows various disciplines to work together (inter-professional).

The role of The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The research group Healthy Lifestyle in a Supporting Environment, together with John Verhoef, professor at University of Applied Sciences Leiden, plays a leading role within the work package of ‘Physical vitality’. The researchers are conducting research on the following topics:

  • Lifestyle programmes for specific target groups
  • Technological support for exercise
  • An environment that promotes healthy choices

The following projects of the research group are part of this work package:

  • Staying active support care professionals (BiBoZ)
  • More Health

THUAS is also involved in the work package ‘Self vitality’. The following topics play a central role in this work package:

  • (Support for) self management and ownership for people with chronic diseases
  • The vitality, health and wellness of loved ones, students and (care) professionals

One of the projects within this work package is ‘Towards a responsible rebellion’.


A SIA SPRONG subsidy enabled The Hague University of Applied Sciences, University of Applied Sciences RotterdamUniversity of Applied Sciences Leiden and Inholland University of Applied Sciences to join together in a consortium. Many partners from the professional field, education and government have now also joined the consortium. Since November 2020, Vitale Delta has been one of the 15 scientific programmes of Medical Delta.

More information

Vitale Delta has its own website with information and news about the activities:


The project runs until 2026.


Bregje Thomassen (work package leader Physical Vitality and project manager)
06 – 39 07 79 38

Sanne de Vries (leading professor Physical Vitality)
06 – 46 87 68 52

Liesbeth de Wit (work package leader Self Vitality)
06 – 43 16 80 08