The Medical Delta Living Lab Vitality Innovation & Technology (VIT) for Life focuses on promoting the vitality of people with (an increased risk of) lifestyle-related health issues. The lab focuses on the development of sustainable social and technological innovations. This could include, for example, the development of an app that encourages healthy dietary choices and enough exercise. This project is part of the Smart Health research line of the research group Smart Sensor Systems.


Focusing more attention on health and prevention reduces the pressure on our health care system. Health apps and other digital innovations that promote healthy eating and enough exercise don't reach everyone who has an increased risk of lifestyle-related health issues. Medical Delta Living Lab VIT for Life focuses on this target group and tries to make less accessible apps or complicated technology more user-friendly. It also integrates these technologies into the broader intervention products provided by doctors and physiotherapists.

End product/intended outcomes

  • (Further) development, evaluation and implementation of target group-specific care technology
  • Demonstrated improvement in relevant health determinants
  • Demonstrated reduction of care consumption

This lab not only results in improved vitality and reduced healthcare costs for youth and adults in the Rotterdam-The Hague metropolitan region, but also provides technological innovations that can be rolled out in the rest of the Netherlands from the Delta.

Participating researchers

John Bolte


01-05-20 to 01-05-24


Medical Delta Living Labs incentive funding 2020


Health Innovation Centre of Expertise, THUAS, Care Innovation Centre of Expertise, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Kinderfysiotherapie region Westland (physio therapy services for children), WMO-radar.

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