Goal of the project 

The Province of South-Holland (PZH) together with the public-private partnership IT Verband Zuid-Holland, led by WE-IT, have joined forces to investigate the extent to which training IT professionals is needed to achieve the goal of digital transition. 

Commissioned by PZH, research groups Future Urban System and Smart Sustainable Manufacturing conduct strategic research on IT capability and capacity among SMEs in the construction and manufacturing industries.  

Final product/intended results 

With this research, The Hague University of Applied Sciences supports the policy advisers of PZH and provides input for the newly granted National Growth Fund project 'Techniek en ICT Zuid-Holland' with a total central government subsidy of €29.4 million

Project leader 

  • Atasi Bhattacharjee MSc. LEED AP (project leader) 

  • Lector dr. Rizal Sebastian (research leader) 

Researchers involved 

  • Lector dr. Jenny Coenen 

  • Henk van der Burgh MSc 

  • Sascha Binnendijk 

  • Puck Visscher 

Project start and end date 

May ,1 2023 - December 31, 2023  

Programmes and/or minors involved 

  • Research Group Future Urban Systems 

  • Research Group Smart Sustainable Manufacturing 

  • Centre of expertise Mission Zero 

  • Faculty Technology Innovation & Society 


  • PZH (Province of South Holland)  


PZH (Province of South Holland) established a supervisory committee comprising representatives from Breed MKB (Broad SME), WE-IT, PZH policy officers from the digitalization, circular construction, and circular manufacturing teams, as well as regional industry organizations in the construction and manufacturing sectors. 

More information 

Read more information here (in Dutch).