The Learning Technology & Analytics lectorate analyses study data and provide insights to improve policy, quality, and education. Which analyses are helpful to make? And how to do so safely?

The ambition of The Hague University of Applied Sciences is to use study data safely and reliably for the benefit of all students and staff. To achieve this, we set up a central team to provide the university with actionable insights, analyses, reports, and validated data on education and students.

Purpose of the project

These insights allow us to provide input for policymaking to improve the quality of teaching and support and for research. We provide these services tailored to students, teachers, study counsellors, management, researchers, and (policy) employees.

By doing so, we encourage these target groups to (further) use study data for interventions such as improving curricula and the quality of education. We also use it for insights for teaching teams about their teaching and the students following it, or better insight into students’ success and which advice or interventions are valuable per student. It enables targeted education policy development based on demonstrated data.


The information is made available securely and reliably, adhering to ethical and privacy concerns. Three tracks are in place:

  1. A track creates the preconditions for using study data.
  2. A track focuses on the further substantive development of analyses and reports and their use by various target groups.
  3. A track focuses on experiments & interventions.

The team has adopted methodology from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam from VU Analytics.


Anne Rosier, project leader Study Data
Consultancy: Theo Bakker, Professor of Learning Technology & Analytics


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