The mission of the Centre of Expertise on Global Governance ‘New actors, new solutions’ is to increase the understanding of students, professionals and citizens about how global governance works in practice.


One of the goals established in connection with this mission is ‘to contribute to the professionalisation of the global governance field through professional training courses and applied research’. This is to address the participation gap and information gap characterising global governance, both with a tangible impact on the perception of global governance and on a lack of skills and practices for the smooth and successful engagement of stakeholders within global governance structures and processes.

To this aim, the centre and its researchers wish to engage in high-quality, research-informed teaching and capacity building in the form of training courses for professionals and Master’s degree courses supported by the multidisciplinary character of the centre’s focus and composition and drawing on solid expertise from various educational programmes. 

If you are interested in working with us on professional training courses, please contact us at