Analysing intake, progression and outflow is essential for universities of applied sciences to gain insight into the position and significance of the school for students and the region. These analyses also apply to The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The Learning Technology & Analytics research group tackles specific questions from study programmes, students, or management to gain insight into these themes.

For example, a programme with insights into the intake development over the past 10 years can identify possible points for improvement to keep the programme relevant. Or we can improve the transition to The Hague of students with previous education on the Caribbean islands based on an analysis of the transfer.

Or we demonstrate the impact of a change in the curriculum on the composition of the new intake and the effectiveness of this change. And with partners such as Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS), we can, for example, analyse graduates’ success in the labour market.

Conscious bycatch

This project not only focuses on new insights but also on the method we use for it. Research questions are: which reporting forms provide immediate insight, and which require more effort? What prompts you to act or not? What leads to impact, and what does not? How can we best serve different target groups?

Read the project plan for a complete picture of our approach.


Do you work at THUAS and need insight into your study programme’s intake, progression, or outflow? Please contact Professor Theo Bakker at