Every class has some children who have difficulties with their motor skills and find it hard to learn how to exercise. Sometimes this is caused by Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). Physical education teachers seem to have a little specific knowledge about children with this disorder, although they would be the right person to help these children. The Technology for Inclusive Movement and Sport research group is doing research on motor skills learning with DCD.

Approximately 5% of children and youth in the Netherlands have DCD. This means they have difficulties in performing and learning motor skills. These children often seem stiff and look clumsy. This is especially noticeable in PE class. These are the students who trip over their own feet or bump into the buck instead of elegantly skipping over it. 

DCD could mean that these children participate less in sports and play. As a result, DCD could lead to social isolation and health problems, caused by an inactive lifestyle.

Promoting motor skills development

This research analyses to what extent increasing the variety of activities will help children with DCD to improve their motor skills. These results will help PE teachers and Motor Remedial Teaching professionals to adapt their motor skills interventions to the needs of these children. For children it means a step towards more participation and life long exercise.


Collaboration partners are VU Amsterdam and Basalt Revalidatie.


The project runs until 2023.


Jora Wolfgram
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