The purpose of this project is to explore all opportunities how to develop and strengthen the practice of victim-offender mediation in Armenian probation. In so doing, the project aims at reviewing the current international standards on the use of mediation in probation practice and the concept of restorative probation, showcasing three country case studies (1) Austria, (2) Czech Republic, (3) Ireland, consulting the current state of affairs with criminal justice professionals in Armenia and providing tailored recommendations, which are informed by the aforementioned international instruments and good practices form other countries. The report is being developed in the framework of a follow-up project “Strengthening the Probation Service in Armenia”, financed by the Council of Europe Action Plan for Armenia 2023 – 2026 with the aim to assist national authorities in facilitating the use of probation services in the country.  

Project partners

Council of Europe, Ministry of Justice in Armenia 

Research outputs

Project report, workshop material 

Study Programme THUAS 

Safety and Security Management Studies 


June 2023 – October 2023 


Dr. Anna Matczak