How do we ensure that care remains accessible, affordable and viable now and in the future? Technology can play an important role here, but is still underutilised in care and in the social domain. The Living Lab Social Domain and Technology wants to change this. The Health Innovation Centre of Expertise is working together with the City of The Hague and others in this living lab.

There are many technologies available in care to help people maintain control of their own life and live independently as long as possible. For example a smart robot that can help structure your day if you have difficulties with that. Or a sensor that registers if you fall and need help. Or a video call with a doctor or a family care provider.

Using care technology

Not all of these technologies are actually being used. It's hard to advocate for something that people don't know about. When looking for solutions we often overlook the role of technology. The cost could be a barrier and people don't always know what works and what doesn't work in practice. In summary, there is a gap between what is available and what is used. The Health Innovation Centre of Expertise and the City of The Hauge are working with the Living Lab Social Domain and Technology to bridge this gap.

Testing in real life

The living lab tests smart care technologies in real life. This happens for example in the iZi Experience home with more than 90 smart tools that make daily life safer or more convenient.

It often also involves a series of agreements:

  • What are we testing?
  • Where are we testing?
  • How are we testing?

These agreements help to design an unambiguous method for the research. This allows for a better comparison between studies about the use of care technology and enables us to quickly share insights from these studies on a broad scale with care professionals.

Research and real life

Researchers and students work together in the living lab with people who have a support need and/or care professionals. As a result, the insights from the living lab match the needs of people who can use technology to remain at home (longer) and of the daily care practice.

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Ilse Lelieveld
Regisseur Living Lab Sociaal Domein en Technologie