In collaboration with the Optics Research Group of TU Delft and the Leiden Instrumentmakers School (LIS), lecturers and researchers from the Photonics Research Group have developed educational materials for professionals at various educational levels. The training needs of 12 partner companies were identified by company interviews and visits. Furthermore, a broader survey was conducted among Dutch photonics companies. Collectively, these efforts have afforded us a comprehensive understanding of the educational needs within these companies.

The Hague University of Applied Sciences has developed two courses in the field of fiber optics. These courses are available both at our Delft campus and online. They consist of a series of lessons followed by hands-on laboratory experience. Additionally, in collaboration with TU Delft, we have created a comprehensive introductory course in optics. This course covers topics such as refraction, lenses, interference, diffraction, spectroscopy, and fiber optics.