Exercise is very important for people with a physical limitation, both for their physical and mental health. Sports and exercise are also a way for them to actively participate in society. But it can be a bit more complicated than simply stepping into a gym or diving into a pool. The Technology for Inclusive Movement and Sport research group is conducting research to facilitate exercise and sports for people with a physical limitation.

The research focuses on people from The Hague and the surrounding area, who have a motor limitation or a chronic disorder. Researchers are not only analysing what tools these people need, but also how to best support them.

The research consists of four sub projects.

The exercise desk

The exercise consultants at the exercise desk offer customised advice about suitable or viable exercise or sports activities for people with the following concerns:

  • obesity;
  • an audio or visual limitation;
  • a motor limitation;
  • a developmental limitation;
  • a psychosocial limitation;
  • a limitation caused by a chronic illness or disorder.

People with one of these limitations or disorders can make an appointment with an exercise consultant at the exercise desk, located at the Zuiderpark Sports Campus. The research group supports the exercise desk by tracking how many people receive what kind of advice. There is also support available through the project ‘Friends for Sports’.

The exercise desk is a partnership project between the City of The HagueThe Sports and Exercise Centre of Expertise, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Basalt RevalidatieROC Mondriaan and Stichting MEE

Friends for Sports

‘Friends for Sports’ is a tested concept in which a student becomes a buddy for a THUAS student with a study limitation and/or youth between the ages of 10-24 years who are undergoing rehabilitation. The project promotes social participation and support to engage the person in a suitable exercise or sports activity. 

Mobility Resource Centre

The Mobility Resource Centre is a loan service with exercise and sports tools for people with a limitation in The Hague. It’s a ‘library’ that gives people access to a selection of frequently used contemporary mobility or sports accessories. People receive free information and orientation, can experience the tools , ask questions and receive customised advice about legislation, regulations, procedures and suppliers. The Mobility Resource Centre is located at Zuiderpark Sports Campus.

The Mobility Resource Centre is a pilot project and partnership between the City of The HagueThe Sports and Exercise Centre of ExpertiseBasalt RevalidatieStichting Voorall and THUAS. 

Sporttech Poli 

The still to be set up Sporttech Poli will offer special clinic hours or consultation services for people with a physical limitation. It will provide specific individual adjustments and resources to enable people to exercise and practice sports.