How are the critical thinking skills of students enhanced by working with film and documentary?

This is one of the questions that Wypkje van der Heide is researching, as part of her work around education on film and critical thinking. Wypkje is designing an E-learning Toolkit for lecturers. With this toolkit, lecturers can use film (scenes) in their education associated with stimulating the critical thinking skills of students and lecturers. She is also testing the Toolkit in the daily education of international students to further improve its use both offline and online. Furthermore, she uses film clips for a critical one-on-one analysis in dialogues with professionals or students. This enables her to develop more authentic film material and interpretation in the business context.


Wypkje van der Heide is a lecturer-researcher in the Research group Change Management and a lecturer at the Faculty Business, Finance & Marketing, International Business degree programme,

Intended duration of the project

This research project started in January 2018 and is expected to run until December 2021

External partners

AVANS Brain and Learning research group

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